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WIN 100 TIME CRYSTALS! (Forum Contest 3-27-2016 to 4-16-2016)

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  • WIN 100 TIME CRYSTALS! (Forum Contest 3-27-2016 to 4-16-2016)


    Hello Timecresters and welcome to our sixth forum contest!
    Get your chance to win some free Time Crystals before Timecrest 2!

    This week's event will again be giving the best answer to the question below for a chance to win 100 Time Crystals!
    There will also be a participant randomly selected at the end of the event winning 50 Time Crystals!

    Rules and Information:
    - You may post multiple times but your entry will be only counted once.
    - Members are encouraged but not required to respond to other member's posts.
    - Posts must be relevant to the event or will not be counted as an entry.
    - Try to give the most thoughtful answer possible for the best chance to win.
    - We will direct PM your account if you are selected as a winner by the end of the contest.
    - Contest will end on April 23rd, 2016.
    - Have fun!
    - Posts below may contain spoilers.

    Forum Question: What is your favorite location/scenery in Timecrest 1 and describe why it's your favorite?
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    I'm going to get my answer in before I run out of time.


    My favorite location is Aion because it's floating so high in the air that I imagine the view would be pretty good from all the way up there. Aion sounds very palatial and peaceful except for being so close to the meteors... Although having a close view of the meteors can be pretty interesting.

    Another thing is, Petora's room is in Aion and I liked finding out more about her after I used the Dispel Ring to dispel the illusions shrouding that one hallway.


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      The peak of Mount Asura is the coolest cuz time is frozen there. I bet you can go up there and put yourself in cryogenic sleep. Not sure how you'll wake up, but I like having options.


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        Well it looks like my chances of winning are 1 out of 3 right now so I might as well try this out. My favorite location is probably the gardens in Timecrest since that's where Ash and Riley have their moments.


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          Mount Asura, pre-Chronos. Well, pre-time freezing, at least. Post-time freezing, it is a very mysterious place. I like it better when Ash goes back in time. I'm a bit hung up on Ezra. I have a feeling he might be important. Anyway, it's a very intriguing place. If you play thjngs right, it's where Ash starts unlocking new skills and fulfilling es potential. Again, if done right, it's where Ash gains a mentor figure, even if Ezra isn't the most sociable person. Of course, anything involved in the time travel arc is a favorite of mine. Still, that was the most memorable part of Chapter 3, for me. With the exception of possibly Aion, Mount Asura seems the most magical place to me. Even then, Aion is a place where one is on edge, as it is the domain of Chronos. Mount Asura gives off a more tranquil feeling. One can truly embrace the magic there.


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            Congratulations to the winners!
            After review and consideration, we have determined that Laytheron is the winner of 100 Time Crystals & The Turning Tide has been randomly selected to win 50 Time Crystals!
            I will be PMing both these users shortly with information on how to receive their rewards!
            Thank you all for participating in the sixth forum contest!
            Good luck in the next event!


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              Wow, thank you so much!


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                Ah, yes. Thank you.