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Siblings and Alynicans [SPOILERS]

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  • Siblings and Alynicans [SPOILERS]

    New headcannon: What if Alynicans really value sibling bonds? I will now break your heart.

    Scarlet and Ignis seem to be very close. Ignis killed everyone in Wisty Brook to avenge Scarlet. Scarlet lays on Ignis' lap when Ash comes to Wisty Brook on the route where Riley dies. That's oddly intimate. Ignis continues his rage-filled revenge on the world for Scarlet's death. Scarlet is helping her brother with his revenge.

    The Timecrests took care of Riley, after her mother died, Chronos and Riley probably thought of each other as siblings. They say to Ash that they want to be closer but certain events happened. In the route that Riley died, Chronos hugged her corpse. Riley repeatedly says that she wants Ash to like Chronos and that they have a lot in common.

    In Chapter 10, if you chose to trust Chronos, Chronos complains how dare Ash hate his own brother. This makes more sense if a strong sibling is very valued in Alynica. Chronos tries to connect with Ash during Timecrest 2 but Ash mostly keeps rejecting him. Poor Ash feels betrayed by Chronos for lying to them and their best friend.
    Chapter 8, Ash storms out of the room to stop themselves from forgiving Chronos for destroying Valdor. Ash wants to forgive him because Ash wants a brother.

    Ezra doesn't trust Ash, maybe it's because he believes that Ash will side with their brother. Because sibling bond is stronger than morals.
    Ignis is very manipulative, he tries to break Ash's hope by talking about how much Chronos doesn't care about Ash and how they will never get along. If you believe my headcannon, Ignis' treatment of Ash gets more upsetting.

    Roger ran away from his abusive home, he left Cera and Alan behind. King Regis took out his anger on Cera and Alan. The feeling of being abandoned by your own sibling must have hurt. When Roger realizes that Alan is willing to kill him, that revelation must have utterly horrified Roger. Because that's not now it's suppose to be in Alynica, siblings are suppose to be there for each together.

    Crane and A.C's estrangement becomes more sad.