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QOTW- Why would Ezra... (end date TBD).

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  • QOTW- Why would Ezra... (end date TBD).

    Sorry guys, this QOTW is a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t traveled with Riley in Chapter 8.

    Inspired by Reader and the terrible Plan-it thread, my question is:

    Why did Ezra choose to kill Riley? We (or at least, Riley) knew this would be her fate if she ever took Ash back to speak to Ezra, yet she was willing to make that sacrifice. But was there no other option? Was it dangerous to keep Riley alive?

    for a change, I will be leaving this thread open a little longer. I know that plenty of people will read the post, and I’m hoping that more than 2-3 will answer if they have extra time to consider it.

    As always, the winner of the contest will receive 300 gems. If 5 or more people share a theory, we will have a second place winner of 100 gems, and if 8 people play, a random winner will be awarded 50 gems. Please mark text for spoilers, and try not to use the oracles if possible.

    Good luck, and I can’t wait to hear your theory!

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    SPOILERS for Timecrest 2.

    We know that Riley's death is optional in the game. We chose either A.C or Riley to die basically. If Riley's death was essential then it would be illogical for Ezra to not kill Riley if we leave for Windsorhowl. If Riley needed to die, then why did Ezra not kill her immediately? It just seems like a badly planned test for Ash. The test being to see whether Ash would choose the needs of many over one. The test was important as Ezra needs to find out whether The Door can manipulate Ash. The Door seems to have a Deal with the Devil thing: kill a lot of people to revive one dead person. Ezra wants Ash to prove that they are immune to this kind of deal. Riley told Ezra that Ash was pure and innocent. This test was to see whether Riley was telling him the truth.

    A bit of psychology. Psychic numbing is pretty much responsible for most of the mass murders in Alynica. It's a phenomenon where people's compassion is restricted to a few. A million deaths is a statistic but one death is tragedy. The cause of Destruction of Valdor? Chronos was angry that King Valdor killed his parents. Chronos believes Ezra to be a monster for killing Riley, the Valdorian princess, but he literally destroyed Valdor. The town of Wisty Brook being slaughtered by Ignis? Ignis blames the town for his sister's demise. Ezra screwed up by summoning the meteors just to kill a teenager. He understands that psychic numbing is a threat.
    Only Ezra bothered to overcome psychic numbing to save many lives over his love. He wants Ash to do the same. In human world, psychic numbing has resulted in countless deaths due to apathy.

    But seriously killing people's loved ones is not a recommended strategy to stop the effects of psychic numbing.


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      To him the significance of one being was worthless to the significance of the whole world.
      it also was a test to truly see if there was good people. The question he asked… I wonder what would happen if I picked save one person

      after all ash did travel back in time and met the first mage before

      now moving back to present time As he said on the mountaintop, He’s worse than a monster, he’s lost everything he cared about.
      maybe to the first first mage, she represented something evil


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        Sorry if I make no sense.


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          No, that made sense. Good answer.

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        Great answers. It’s certainly been enough time, so this QOTW’s winner is Reader! I will PM you with instructions to claim your 300 gems.

        Thanks to our participants!