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  • ChristineMoon
    Good theory. I’d love to know what Petora and Portia were fighting about (and of course, their relationship!). I would also love to know how Petora ended up gaining the title of master of illusions. She did not have it in Elise’s backstory.

    I honestly wonder how much Petora would have known about Ash. She definitely appears to be in a relationship with Chronos, so she may have known what happened to his family. But she didn’t act as if she knew who Ash was when they first met. Chronos sent her and Fulgur to investigate Ash. If anything, I could see Riley being more involved, but allowing Ash to join was the last thing she would’ve wanted. Either way, I can’t really refute that theory.

    I would not be surprised if Portia was still using the merchant rule to hide the identities of other people. It also makes me wonder what else she has forced people to forget. A power like that can have some amazing uses.

    ​​​​​​​However, I don’t know that she is necessarily more powerful than Chronos, as their magic types are completely different. We know that he had the power to destroy Valdor, as well as some low level healing, illusion, and definitely time magic. To the best of our knowledge, Portia only has illusion.

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  • Reader
    commented on 's reply
    I feel so bad for Edgar, he got dumped by his friends. And than those ex friends tried to murder him.

  • Reader
    ^ major addition to my response here.

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  • Reader
    Important edit below ⬇️

    I see your point. I still believe it was a reckless plan.

    She enacted the rule in 997 M.G. In 998 M.G, Valdor was destroyed. The benefit of hiding the backgrounds of other Merchants to help them keep their jobs is gone unless there's a different good reason why Merchants shouldn't know their origin. Master Portia does not know what, or who destroyed Valdor unless Petora (maybe flower girl) told her. But did Petora even witness the destruction? We don't know. She thinks of Elise as her own daughter. Elise may be in great danger if her true identity is known. Portia has a choice, keep the "No Name" rule to protect Elise, or sacrifice some of her Merchants' happiness. She choose to protect her daughter's life. That's very justifiable.

    A running theme of the Timecrest is the well-being of "a loved one vs many people." Ignis chose to sacrifice a lot of lives to revive his sister. Chronos may be doing the same. That's indefensible. But unlike these two Portia's decision is pure. She's in the right.

    EDIT: Oh shoot. Just realized a hole in my logic. Once Valdor was destroyed, there would be no additional benefit of the "No Name" rule, so why didn't Portia abolish the rule, and just fabricated a paper trail for Elise? Well if she eliminated the rule the year Valdor was destroyed, that would be too suspicious. Ok so why didn't she get rid of the rule 5 years after Valdor's destruction? Maybe Portia knew that Petora was on the whatever destroyed Valdor's side and Petora just happens to be really good at sniffing out fake paper trails. It appears that Petora once tricked Portia with illusion magic even through Master Portia is better than Chronos at magic. That's incredible.
    Moving on with this new hypothesis of mine. What if Petora came across Ash's enrollment forms, and discovered something was up? She saw that this teen had violet eyes but their parents didn't have the same eye color. She checked this teen's name: Ash. Funny how this violet-eyed teen had the same name as Chronos' supposedly dead sibling. Strange how this Ash Elden is the same age that Chronos' little sibling would be if that sibling was alive. Maybe that's how Ash got admitted to one of the most prestigious guilds without even having a single spell. When Ash learned Nexutas and connected to us, Chronos had definite confirmation that Ash had to be his long lost sibling.
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  • ChristineMoon
    I love your posts. Very thought-provoking.

    I understand your thoughts about Portia, but don’t totally agree. First, the naming rule. It would’ve been much easier to forge a paper trail for Elise. But she states that background checks eliminated other potential merchants, so she doesn’t want them remembering their own past.

    The other part, the children’s confessions, is truly great writing. Because it touches on the humanity of a mother.

    Portia runs the risk of losing not just 1, but all 3 of her children. Instead of seeing it as “I know what happened, but I need bait”, read it like this.

    How can I even think that my children killed their sister? If it’s true, I must be a terrible mother to raise such animals. And if I am a bad mother, will they close the orphanage down? But now, this silly child has opened a can of worms, and Edgar knows the truth.

    I won’t believe it unless I hear it for myself.

    I will let her provoke them into attacking.

    I will let Edgar take the hit. I can stop them and wipe their memories.

    Annalise thinks she’s dark, but she has a light in her that my monsters don’t. If she does this, maybe she’ll see that she’s good and turn her life around.


    Elise may have been young, but she carries a lot of wisdom for a child. I don’t know whether she has spirits guiding her, or if her knowledge is inherited the way that Riley’s amulet can contain memories. While I hate comparing stories, she makes me think of Alia Atreides (Dune), born with wisdom and power beyond her age.

    Either way, Elise had the option (and possibly still does) of making Edgar forget. Perhaps she needs him to make her vulnerable, or his dislike makes her stronger. Perhaps she realizes that Portia has lost all 3 kids and can’t lose Edgar as well.
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  • Reader
    started a topic Terrible Plan-its

    Terrible Plan-its

    Like it seems that once a mage reaches a certain power level, they get sick with Terrible Plan-its. And the more powerful the mage gets, the worse Terrible Plan-its becomes.

    Only Master Portia seems to be managing Terrible Plan-its well. Spoilers for Elise's memories.
    Her idea to unionize to stop King Valdor from being too powerful. The Merchant "No Name" policy to keep Elise safe; great writing. Actually she could have done better than to eliminate all the birth records of her merchants, she could have just fabricated an entire paper trail for Elise instead. But unlike Ezra, her mistake in not just using her Master of Illusions thing to make up birth records for Elise, it feels like an realistic oversight rather than "Idiot Ball".

    However her plan with getting two murderers to confess is awful.
    1. I know these two murdered my daughter.
    2. I want a confession.
    3. I will get a random girl who can talk to ghosts.
    4. This girl will provoke the two into committing a crime.
    5. I will step in and stop the murderers from killing another child.
    6. I will wipe the memory of the would-be victim.
    7. Yay!
    Wait, Edgar almost died because of her plan. It makes sense that Edgar would blame Elise, someone he just met, than Portia, who he thinks of as his mother. Elise was seven at the time, a 7 year old wouldn't realize that Portia's plan was very reckless. Will Portia finally get Edgar to understand that it was her fault, not Elise?

    Ezra appears to have the worst Terrible Plan-its.
    When Ash went back in time before the destruction of Valdor. Ezra proceeds to nearly kill Ash because he found Ash annoying. If Ash manages to tell Ezra that Valdor is going to be wiped out, instead of immediately going to Valdor, Ezra just messes around.

    Spoilers for Timecrest 2, Riley's route.
    I feel like 15 year old Chronos only managed to beat Ezra by taking advantage of Ezra's Terrible Plan-its. Summoning the meteors to kill a one teen? "Screw you Ezra, I can freeze time!" <- Chronos never said that, but I like to think he did. He couldn't kill Ezra, so he froze him and the meteors. That was very quick and good planning skills on Chronos' part. A normal 15 year old would have been paralyzed in horror.

    The reason why Ezra killed Riley was confusing. He wanted to test Ash, by killing Riley to see Ash's reaction. The test was to see whether Ash would choose to save one person or Alynica. When Ash grieved, mourned, cried and yelled instead of getting over it, Ezra broke Ash's neck for some reason. We rewinded time, Ezra leaves to meditate. Like why? That's nonsense. That's a terrible plan. What? He's always holding the Villain Ball.
    Did he consider that he could just kidnap Riley or Ash, and used either of them to blackmail Chronos?