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Lab Notes of Howard Crawford's Assistant [Fan Fic]

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  • Lab Notes of Howard Crawford's Assistant [Fan Fic]

    Year [scribbled out]
    By: Clover Lavelle

    Bray Fulgur raided our clinic. I'm kinda annoyed that he only cared to snoop on Howard's lab notes. Hey Fulgur, my research is interesting too. Of course my research is only in its early phrases which is why I'm keeping it secret for now. I hate Fulgur.

    I hypothesize that there is a connection between mental health and aura. I discovered that aura has three states: healthy, dysfunctional and diseased.

    Why? A curious aura sample #8 from a woman who has panic attacks everyday exactly at noon. Her healthy aura sample becomes dysfunctional at noon daily. Fascinating! I set up a poster in our clinic requesting aura samples.

    If an aura sample becomes too damaged it depletes; this is different from states. The amount of aura left in the aura samples will be measured by: aura amulets.

    It's pretty simple. Three steps: donate an aura sample, a lock of hair and fill out a form.

    Next Week.

    Oh my god. This is amazing. Aura Sample #23. I accidentally placed #23 next to #8. It was noon and #8 did not become dysfunctional. It's time for an experiment. I tried to replicate this odd incident again but failed three times. Think! What if I poured a bit of #23 into #8? 2 hours before noon?

    I poured out 1/21 of #8 into a different container. It worked. I managed to replicate my new experiment 3 times. I think this looks very promising. #23 came from a violet-eyed woman. I need to contact her for more samples but I can't seem to be able to find her. I managed to get more aura from the woman with panic attacks.

    I placed my hand over #23. My eyesight may be failing but I can sense that it feels soothing. I love this.

    [A cut out snippet of a paper about stress taped to the lab note.]
    The effects of stress on healthy aura.
    Stress can cause healthy aura to become dysfunctional. Recovery from low stress usually takes from seconds to a few hours, medium stress normally takes days or weeks. However it may be impossible or take years to recover from high stress. Aura in a prolonged dysfunctional state is diseased.
    [The snippet ends.]

    I subjected aura sample #23 to high stress. It recovered in a few hours. This could be the hit discovery that finally earns me praise among my peers! How is this possible?

    Three days later.

    The man I hired to get an aura sample from a victim of the Valdorian disease has died. How does King Valdor expect the Valdorian disease to be cured if he refuses to let us healers help?! It's very suspicious that said man's cause of death was the Valdorian disease. How? He wore protective clothing and gloves and a respirator!

    Two months later.

    My friends sequenced the DNA of #23 from her lock of hair; glad to have human connections. The gene (more accurately the cluster of genes) responsible for this effect appears to be recessive. Aura samples that come from carriers of the gene do not have the same healing properties of #23.

    Besides that upsetting discovery, the aura amulet of #23 is yellow. It's clear that I'm running out of #23 and I cannot even manage to contact her. My human friend has commented that her research on dementia is impaired by the lack of healthy brain specimens. I'm suffering from the same issue. It's hard to research the possible link between mental health and aura if people refuse to kindly donate their healthy aura. I'm happy that this violet-eyed woman has bothered to allow me to sample her aura.

    I have to use a magnifying glass to read now.

    I developed and read my friends' hypotheses on why #23 is so resistant to mental illness. I have not shared my research with the wider healer community yet as I'm afraid that Bray Fulgur may kidnap the violet-eyed woman to experiment on her. Crawford tells me to wait as he is still investigating Fulgur. But why wait when we can expose him right now? This awful man is an insult to my dignity as a healer and a scientist.

    A week and four days later.

    I found an aura sample, with a form and no lock of hair in our clinic. The form is blank except for a crude doodle of a frown and the gender listed as: female. This aura sample is healthy but something is off.

    I was bored and added a drop of this unusual sample to healthy aura sample #110. #110 was dysfunctional for a few seconds then recovered. Correlation is not causation. Rarely but it happens, healthy aura samples may become monumentally dysfunctional. I performed experiments using this odd aura and replicated my findings. A few drops results in healthy aura plunging into dysfunction. A spoonful made healthy aura diseased. Oh dear. I'm cautious whether my hypothesis is true as this "toxic" aura effects were only seen during in vitro experiments; in aura samples. To go on and replicate this in vivo as on living animals or people is a horror that only Fulgur would dare.

    I did replicate #23's healing effect on a couple of animals and one brave mage. This could be so helpful if I can successfully synthesize #23 and turn it into medication.

    What if this "toxic" aura came into contact with #23? I don't know. I tried it and
    [The rest of the lab note is missing.]

    All right! I hope you enjoyed this. I was thinking why Ash managed to not be completely traumatized by witnessing the slaughter of the Valdorian army, and other horrifying events. I just made this up to explain why Ash just is really resistant to developing mental illness.
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    This was a great read. Thank you Reader!


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      I wanna drink Ash's aura now. lol

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    [You found a badly damaged notebook. The cover is embossed with the name: Clover Lavelle.]
    Why me? Some tall guy walked into our clinic and demanded we teach him science or he'll kill us. I laughed it off until the guy summoned a small army. Who does he think he is? Howard Crawford proceeded to leave me with this jerk. He says his name is King Janus Valdor. Oh my. It was an accident that I didn't recognize King Valdor. Faces are blurry things.

    Where to start? A simple task. I asked King Valdor to look after my rats. I told him that he was to tickle my rats for 5 minutes every 3 hours, and record the level on the aura amulet down. I came back and just no. He jumped onto my desk and kicked the now dead rats off. The King yelled "For Science!".
    How? Get off my desk.
    When I questioned why he would poison the rats, he said that he wanted to experiment on the rats. No. He just ruined my carefully planned experiment.

    Let's try this again.

    King Valdor is smiling as he gave a speech about his grand idea to instill Valdorians with a sense of pride. It's irrelevant to science but okay? All I wanted him to do is sit down while I lecture about how to follow instructions. And this King just shoved me to the floor and tattled on and on. He remarked on how lucky I was to be chosen to teach him. Howard Crawford, if you don't come back soon, I will slap you.

    I need a nap. I requested that he donate some of his aura for research purposes. He refused to and was very angry at me. He yelled and shouted. I was, for once in my life, deeply fearful. It felt like my heart was going to explode. This was my fate? I was babysitting the King. A scary man who maltreats me for no reason. Why? Crawford get this man out of our clinic! Return to your clinic now!

    I am so dead. I refuted the King. I was so upset and mad that someone would dare insult me to my face that I forgot that this monster was the King. I told him to shut up, and listen to me. How did he expect to learn anything if he doesn't bother to comprehend? How is he a good King if he yells at his subjects? How can he research without observing? I called him a monster.

    I actually hate someone more than Bray Fulgur. At least Fulger knew, I hoped, that science wasn't dumping toxic stuff onto test subjects and being upset that they died from being poisoned.

    I have to run. I must escape. I have angered the King. He wants me dead. Crawford, if you're reading this, I love you. I'm at our secret.

    But if this King managed to decode my notebook, I have something to say: You will be forgotten, you will be stopped and I will enjoy eating frog legs.
    [The rest of the notebook is too damaged to read.]

    I'm bored. This is my attempt at comedy.