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Is all of Chronos' lies going to blow up in his face?

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  • Is all of Chronos' lies going to blow up in his face?

    All the secrets he is keeping. The Timecrests were infamously known to have human ancestry by King Janus no less. How did Chronos erase that fact from public knowledge? How did Chronos keep the identity of the destroyer of Valdor a secret for 16 years? Did he blackmail or bribe powerful mages?
    How did no one skilled in dispelling illusion magic, figure out that Aion was in fact the stolen castle of Valdor? Did Portia, the inventor of the dispel rings, notice and she's planning something? Because even the dispel ring I got Ash didn't dispel the illusion that Aion is under.

    The names "Aion" and "Chronos" are the names of ancient human deities. Did no one find a human history textbook just wonder why did Chronos, the savior of Alynica, name himself after a human god? Like we know some mages do in fact have rare human artifacts. EDIT: Turns out the people of Alynica decided to name him Chronos because he saved them from the meteors.

    I predict in Timecrest 3, all of his lies are going to be outed. Because he can't keep all these big things a secret for much longer. The story potential of Chronos having to deal with the huge mess he has made is just too good.
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    I love your questions.

    First, I think that Alyncians and humans are similar enough that there probably aren’t any distinguishing features to most people, and humans aren’t expected to be adept magicians. Besides, Chronos saved the world by stopping the meteors. Who would suspect him of being the race he is trying to kill?

    There were no survivors within the walls of the city to know that Chronos destroyed it, and of the few that are alive, either they are his allies or possibly unaware of his actions.

    As far as his name goes, I’m not sure how much access there is to human tomes, but I wonder how many people even here know who Chronos (Greek- Cronus/ Roman- Saturn) is outside the game.


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      Slight correction- the text says that the people honored him by the name of Chronos. At that point, there was probably a lot more blending of humans and Alyncians.

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      Thanks, correction will be made.