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Are we using someone else's time magic?

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  • Are we using someone else's time magic?

    As we know Master Frost can embed her water magic in a tomb and teleport orbs contain a teleport spell. Master Frost doesn't need to be there or alive for her tomb to perform water magic.

    I believe someone instilled their time magic into the pocket watch. There is currently only one person in Alyncia who is known for performing time magic. (Unless I'm missing something.)

    Why is the time magic cast by the pocket watch is so weak?

    1. We might not be the original friend.
    2. The pocket watch's time magic is only as strong as 13 year old Luthor's time magic (he can only rewind time back 5 minutes). As he invented the pocket watch at 13 or younger.
    3. It could take a strong emotional connection. We are able to freeze time at great moments of great crisis (when Riley or A.C are dying)
    4. Ash is not the original owner of the pocket watch.
    5. Chronos' time magic may refuse to work properly with people who have a poor relationship with him.
    It would be cool if the pocket watch's time magic was directly linked with Chronos.

    Items imbued with a spell appear to only be able to be activated under certain circumstances. The teleport orbs are activated by using them. Frost's tombs activate when a fire happens nearby. The pocket watch allows us to rewind time when Ash dies or freeze time when Ash is in emotional torment.

    In Chapter 9?10? if Riley dies, Elisa can sap Ash's aura to be able to execute powerful spells. What if we can hijack Chronos' aura so we can cast powerful time magic? Do we need permission from Chronos? Is that even possible?
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    I'd argue that any time magic at all is pretty powerful. Being able to save Ash when in trouble is very impactful, even if it only meant going back a few minutes.