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What houses would the villains would be in?

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  • What houses would the villains would be in?

    We can't just say Ezra, Chronos and Ignis are all Slytherins. That's boring and inaccurate.

    Ezra would be a Gryffindor. Why? He admires strength. He admired Ash when Ash was strong enough to crawl to the Chronogem while dying (Chapter 5), and when Ash crawled to Ezra when they were bleeding to death in Chapter 3. He hated Ash when in Chapter 8?9? Ash cried when Riley died. He can't be a Slytherin because he fails on being cunning. If Ezra was a Slytherin, he would have been sly enough to kill Chronos without summoning the meteors as Slytherins seek self preservation and meteors can probably kill Ezra.
    Ezra is motivated by doing what he believes to be right, a Slytherin is motivated by self interest. Ezra summoned the meteors because he believes that maintaining the codes of the universe is the right thing to do. (Chapter 8?9?) He sacrificed the one person he cared about to save many more lives.

    I know it sounds ridiculous but Chronos is a Hufflepuff. He seems like a selfish person at first. Chronos is motivated by his loved ones, he says "There is nothing I wouldn't sacrifice to see those I love alive and happy." (Chapter 9 if you chose Riley and say to Chronos you want revive her). He tortured King Janus because King Janus made three people who Chronos cares about suffer very much: Riley and his parents. He destroyed Valdor because he was angry that King Janus killed his parents. He is working with Ignis and the Door because maybe something to do with reviving dead people. A Slytherin acts in self interest.
    Hufflepuffs want good relationships with their loved ones. He is very upset that Ash hates him (Chapter 10). He seems to be concerned about Ash's wellbeing "You seem anxious." (Chapter 6), "you could use the rest" (Chapter 8) and wants Ash to join him. He and Ash like Griffin eggs. Chronos wants Ash to ask him about his laptop.

    Ignis is confusing. I got nothing.

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    Ignis is a Slytherin because well it fits him the best. Contrary to the popular belief, Slytherins do cherish their loved ones. Snape did backstab Voldemort and risk his life for Lily Potter.

    He has a strong ambition for power. He allowed Alison to live as she accidentally praised his power even as he killed mages before her. Then he killed her (Timecrest Guild Fire) because she valued love over power. No Hufflepuff would kill someone for valuing love. He sought to harness the power of a red dragon's eggs by stealing them and nearly got himself killed by a red dragon. He went missing for a while to invent the Ignis amulets.

    Ignis is a master manipulator. I can't list all the horrible things he said to Ash here. He killed A.C or referenced Riley's death to manipulate Ash to come Wisty Brook. In Chapter 10, he toyed with Ash's mind either by bringing up that Ash's friends abandoned him therefore how Ash is heartless or he pretends to be his younger self to screw with Ash's feelings.
    Alan and Marik are in my opinion being used by Ignis. Marik was abandoned by all his friends and was thrown out of Timecrest, which made Marik so desperate to honestly believe that Ignis going to bring a new world. Alan thought that Ignis was going to defeat King Regis to save Cera. Alan and Cera are being abused by King Regis. An abused child who wants to be safe, and who wants his friend to be safe. Of course Alan feels like that his best chance to help Cera is to join Ignis. He is taking advantage of desperate teenagers. How disgusting.
    He even tries to weaken Chronos' resolve. (Chapter 10, if you chose to trust Chronos.) When Chronos says that he is not Luthor to Ash, Ignis attempts to make Chronos doubt himself by saying that Chronos just saved Ash's life. I think he is psychologically projecting onto Chronos. (Chapter 9) He tells Ash that Ash will never understand Chronos as Chronos will do anything to gets what he wants. I believe that Ignis giving his honest assessment of Chronos' character but it seems like he said that just to upset Ash.

    Well whoever is behind The Door might be a Ravenclaw because it's the only house left.
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      If The Door is a Ravenclaw, that's dangerous for us. Speculation time! To achieve a feat such of reviving the dead, that requires a lot of knowledge. We may be dealing with an enemy that knows far more than anyone in Alynica. I expect this villain to be very genre savvy and intelligent. Who can that be? A new character?
      I doubt Julius Timecrest or Helena Timecrest would be that smart. Howard Crawford was a brilliant healer who mysteriously disappeared. Alvin was a very powerful mage who may be just as skilled or more skilled than Ezra. The last King of the Rhinehart empire who successfully revived his daughter? It would be too obvious to have Alvin as the evil behind the door. We will have not suspected Crawford or King Rhinehart.