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    Can someone other than us access the Memory Oracle? Riley, Ezra or maybe King Janus. Before Valdor was destroyed, it would be useful for King Janus to access his enemies' memories. Maybe the Memory Oracle helped diplomatic relations, intelligence gathering or infiltration.

    Why can we access the Memory Oracle? Is it because Riley's amulet is in Ash's pouch? Can Ash access the Memory Oracle? Why do we still have access to the Memory Oracle when we rewind time to before Ash obtained Riley's amulet?

    Why can we access the memories of so few people? The amulet has been around countless generations of Valdorian royalty. Is it because only those of Valdorian blood can fully access the Memory Oracle? Or because the Memory Oracle only shows the memories of those Ash knows? And why so few?

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    Can someone other than us access the Memory Oracle? I’m sure Riley could. We don’t know when it was originally made, but I could see Ezra doing it to not forget the past. Riley received it from her mother, so I’m not sure Janus ever used it. I can see him harming others with it.

    Why can we access the Memory Oracle? Because there’s no better way to tell the side stories? It was given as a gift from Riley to Ash, so I’m sure the powers transferred with it. But it only holds Ash’s memories, while I believe the Valdorian line could look back over generations.

    Ash has no access to the memories in the oracles, it was designed for the reader.

    Why can we access the memories of so few people? I like your theories- they make a lot of sense. Perhaps it is only people that Ash hangs around. Maybe it works as a type of dream catcher.

    Just curious, whose story would you like to see unlocked? I’d say Chronos, but the team is working hard on part 3, which revolves around Luthor. My other choice would be Ignis, but I believe his story needs to unfold within the game, or Petora, just because I’d love to know about that hair and her relationship with Portia.


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      Petora would be nice! I would love to know more about Howard Crawford and how he stopped Fulger.