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I wanna start a Fan Webcomic.

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  • I wanna start a Fan Webcomic.

    Something to enjoy while we wait for Timecrest 3.

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    Hi Reader, and welcome to the forums!

    The forum admin cowbunny had set up a fanfiction thread here:

    and a fan art thread here:

    Personally, I would love to see a webcomic as well.


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      I have completed two storyboards for the first two pages of the fan webcomic. I have filled two and a half notebooks with planning and notes. Looks like the fan webcomic is definitely happening.

      I hope people will like it/


      • cowbunny
        cowbunny commented
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        We'd really be excited to see it!

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      Ok. I'm working on improving my art and thinking of getting all my planning notes into a google docs file to organize the panels. It's going to be an fan adaption of Timecrest 2, and the first page will hopefully be done when Timecrest 3 is released. I can't believe I'm been working on this fan project for more than 6 months.

      The character designs for: Ash, Riley, Chronos, Scarlet, Ezra, Roger, Alan are finished.

      Kinda need to create a timetable to make sure the pages are drawn on time.


      • hyperhs
        hyperhs commented
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        I’m excited!!! Making a comic is a ton of work, it’s good that you’re planning it out and everything! A timetable is a great idea to keep everything organized and on schedule.

        If you have a PC, OneNote is also a great organizational tool bc you can save things offline on it as well!

        If you ever need a hand (i.e. flat colors or background sketches or any of that busywork stuff) feel free to reach out to me, I love visual art and comics especially!

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      hyperhs THANKS!