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Why isn't A.C blurry?

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  • Why isn't A.C blurry?

    We assume blurriness is caused by reviving a dead person. After A.C dies , I then finished Timecrest 2 and I rewinded time back to the beginning but Elise never says A.C is blurry even through he was dead.

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    No one knows what causes someone to be blurry, but there are a few theories, and yours (revived) is the popular choice.

    So far, the only 2 we know of are Ash and Scarlet. Once A.C. dies in Chapter 8, he is not revived through the rest of the game, so he wouldn’t be blurry (assuming that’s what caused it). When you see him in Chapter 10, Elise isn’t with you to tell if he’s blurry.

    If you play again and choose the other path, A.C. never dies, and therefore would not be blurry.


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      Ash is never revived during the game. Example: When Fulgur kills Ash, we rewind time to avoid Ash's death. Ash is only alive as we actively prevent his death. Therefore Ash never actually dies ingame as we prevented all his death from happening.

      Maybe the blurriness is caused by remembering your death. Ash would remember getting killed by Fulgur due to Riley's amulet and Scarlet remembers as she was revived and apparently told Ignis about how Wisty Brook was responsible for her death.
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      True, but turning back time doesn’t completely reverse it. If it did, A.C. would’ve come back as well.

      Next time, follow Riley in chapter 8, and when you get to the house in Wispy Brook, you may discover an alternate reason for the bluriness. Good luck!