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QOTW- Why attack Timecrest Guild? Ends 1/10

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  • QOTW- Why attack Timecrest Guild? Ends 1/10

    Happy New Year to all of our loyal players! Holidays are over, so I’m sure that everyone is back and ready for some new questions.

    Ignis really surprised me as a character through the story- He was so much of a hero in Ash’s eyes that Ash was sure the murderer Ignis was a fraud.

    We know he blamed the townspeople for Scarlet’s death, and had his revenge years ago. But what made him attack at the trials and the guild? Did he not fear retaliation from 3 Masters? Why would he kill so many innocent mages (And does it have anything to do with his plans in the future)?

    As always, the winner of this week’s contest will receive 300 gems. If 5 or more people share a theory, we will have a second place winner of 100 gems, and if 8 people play, a random winner will be awarded 50 gems. Please mark text for spoilers, and try not to use the oracles if possible (I have no idea what you could pull from them anyway).

    Good luck, and I can’t wait to hear your theory!

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    I have a strong feeling from clues given in the game that Ignis may somehow be related to Ash. It almost seems as if Ignis hates Ash to the point of feeling that he has to attack the guild to get to him. I don’t know for sure if Ignis is somehow working with Chronos, but I think he does have a reason to lure him to Wispy Creek beyond revenge.


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      Spoiler warning: (Also this is not the answer or a theory but rather something I want to throw out there in hopes someone knows something i dont) On the subject of "why attack Timecrest" one must consider this. At the end of "The Door" we're shown explicit proof that Ignis is working with Chronos. Therefore the answer is no Ignis did not fear retaliation from the guild masters because he had the one they answered to on his side. Therefore a more important thing to question is Chronos's motives. Chronos is the "hero of Ayncia" yet he co-operated with someone who is responsible for the destruction of a small town, the death of many copper mages, and the complete destruction of the Tmecrest guild. There's so much evidence against Chronos to argue him being the antagonist. Why is he working with ignis? Why did he destroy Vldor? Why is he allowing such senseless killing? How is he connecting to the watch? (Mstly irrelevant but was the red text ignis? does anyone know?) For real though. You are asking the wrong questions friend.


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        Hi, Cook, and welcome to the forums! I agree that Chronos is the antagonist- between destroying Valdor and imprisoning the first mage....

        But to answer your questions, we find out Chronos’ connection to the watch in chapter 6, and both his relationship with Ignis and reason for destroying Valdor in chapter 9. Every time you play, different choices can reveal so much more to the story.

        As far as the red and blue texts, we are all waiting for the answers in Part 3.

        Hope to see you with more theories/ questions/ comments.

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      Was a winner decided?


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        Yes, and it’s you! Congrats to our winner this week, BerniG, and I apologize for the late reply (It was saved as a draft, never posted).

        Please check your private messages for instructions on redeeming your code.