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Solving the mysteries! What do YOU want to know?

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  • Solving the mysteries! What do YOU want to know?

    There are a lot of mysteries that will be solved in the next part of Timecrest. Everyone wants to know who the red and blue text belong to, what happens if the door is opened, and if Chronos/ Ignis will finally fight.

    But there are plenty of other questions there as well- why someone acted the way they did, who a particular character really is, the mystery behind an item. No promises that they’ll give us all the answers, but they won’t answer unless we ask, right?

    Sooo... what question will you want the answer to in Part 3?

    My first question: what is Petora’s last name/ why doesn’t she tell it to anyone?

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    Where did Riley get her wings?
    Why did she push Ash off of Aion?

    How did AC lose his memory?
    Why doesn’t AC have a relationship with Olliver?
    Why was he in the woods covered in blood?

    Why does she always help Team 13 if she doesn’t have a conscience?
    Why wasn't Elise's training in illusion magic ever completed?

    Why has Roger never learned more than 1 spell after so long in the guild?
    Why couldn’t Alan kill Regis/ save Cera?

    What is Petora’s last name?
    What is Petora’s relationship to Portia?
    What is Petora’s relationship to Elise?
    Why does Petora’s hair color change? Why can’t she control it?

    What is the merchant doing with time crystals?

    Why does Ignis hate Ash so much?

    Why choose the Tremble Caves?
    Why didn’t the guildmasters save the trial mages sooner?
    Why did Conner kill his teammates?

    Where did he get the tattoo from?

    Why did Ezra replicate Aion?

    What happened to the being of light?
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      Why is the Timecrest merchant so obsessed with the princess and why is he saving time crystals?


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        And... What actually happened with the being of light? Who is he?


        • ChristineMoon
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          Try waiting around in the Riley path. Might help with some answers.

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        I haven't played the game in a while ever since my phone broke, but I really wanted to know (this might seem weird) why Roger hasn't learned anything since he joined Timecrest. He's been in the guild for a while but only knows a basic water spell.
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          I’ve been wondering where you were!

        • Nyctofrost
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          I've been busy, but it's nice to be back!

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        Why do the guild masters wait so long to save the mages during the trials if they are monitoring the aura amulets?


        • ChristineMoon
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          Welcome to the forums!

          Hmmm.... in all the runs I’ve done, I never considered that. Yikes!

          Great question, hope to hear more from you in the future.

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        Been a long time since I posted. But here is one.

        Why does Petora’s hair change color and what is it that she can’t control?


        • Ben
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          Love it! And really good to see you back Sashimioishi!!!

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        Why A.C lost his memory? Why Olliver became such a bad brother?

        and also when will the Timecrest 3 come out? 🙁


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          SPOILER ALERT!

          Why did the guildmasters wait so long to save the mages if they were monitoring the aura amulets?

          Why is Elise saying that she doesn’t have a conscience but repeatedly saving Team 13?

          Why did Riley push Ash off Aion? Even though she meant to fly after him, she could have just flown him away like she does later in the story.

          How can Riley fly? It clearly isn’t an easily gain able power.

          Why did the guildmasters put the teams in the Tremble Caves?

          Why does A.C. lie that he can’t cast magic?

          Why did Elise see A.C. covered in blood in the woods?

          Why did Conner kill off his teammates?


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            Great questions!! I never thought about the guild masters monitoring....

            Riley has wings- you’ll see them in chapter 9. (Not sure why she keeps them covered, or how she got them.... hmmm... I need to ask that too!).

            I’d love to hear more about Elise/ A.C. meeting as well.

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          Who is Patora to Porsche?


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            Who is Petora to Elise?


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              If the hooded man is trying to catch Ash, why is he cool with Riley pushing Ash off of Aion? If Alan is so powerful, why doesn’t he kill King Regis and save Cera? And seriously, why does Ignis hate Ash so much? Ash never hurt Scarlett, so that’s really annoying me...


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                One thing just came to mind, whether it’s for the third chapter or the first two; is there anything you can actually use the Chrono wand for? I’ve not found any spot where it has a use yet