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Weekly Question: What does the Timecrest Merchant plan to do with the Time Crystals?

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  • Weekly Question: What does the Timecrest Merchant plan to do with the Time Crystals?

    We've seen the scenes with the Merchant where he tells us of his device that converts Irrilium to Time Crystals, however we never know why he is collecting them. Though he seems like a docile character, his inventions do raise some interesting questions. To those of you who have sent in a support email, we know that the Timecrest Merchant also started the Alyncian Support Guild. He's clearly very handy, and though he may not have dark intentions, what may he be planning to do with his inventions and the crystals? And better yet how did he ever find out about the Time Crystals in the first place? As with every weekly question, the first place winner receives 300 Time Crystals, if we have 5 theories we will have a second place winner of 100 Time Crystals, and if we have 8 theories we will have a random prize of 50 Time Crystals. So now, without further ado, fire away!

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    I think he is making so many time crystals to create a time machine


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      Welcome to the forum, Julian! Good answer.

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    I think he plans to build some sort of Time Machine. Maybe to do something with his boss because it sounds like he wants a lot of appraisal from her. He seems nice, but with the whole time crystal thing, I don't know.


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      BboyJulian22 we have the same theory. I couldn't find the reply button.


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        Because I thought you could reply to a specific person but I guess not.


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          I believe he found out about the time crystals the same way many discoveries were made in reality: by accident.
          He seems to be a hoarder, so that might be why he keeps converting irrilium to time crystals (they must look nice; I mean who doesn't like glowing stones).
          I don't think he intends to do anything with them at the moment, since he doesn't know what they are or what they can be used for. But he is studying them to find out.
          I think all he's trying to do is impress his boss and stand out as a person in a community where noone has an identity.
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              Congratulations to this week's winnerAlicia von Gryphon! I will be PMing you on how to receive your time crystals. See you all next week!!!


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                  I think the merchant is building a time machine, or an aura potions generator. He might have discovered the time crystals by accident, and now he's conducting experiments with them. It's not that he doesn't know what he's going to do with them, it's that he's trying to figure out the logistics of how this latest invention is going to work. He is trying to stand out in a world where he doesn't have much of an identity beyond his job. I also get the impression that he is a bit resentful of his status in life. Yeah, you love to help others, but let's be honest here, we all know that customer service representatives are rarely, if ever, treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. He doesn't know where he came from, and so he wants to protect the only home that he knows. In some ways, he is nothing, and everything, where his job is concerned. He's also not human, and it's not that much of a stretch to think that he is probably looked down on by others for that fact alone. He might just be seen as a servant, and nothing else to many individuals. His boss also won't let him travel, and even if he doesn't necessarily want to do that, after the fire, he now has a new direction that he wants to take in life.

                  (The merchant says, "Ah... I guess the only thing I can do is make sure my inventory is stocked up for you.")

                  (The merchant says, "Something good came out of the fire. I know what I want to protect and pursue going forward now.")

                  (The merchant says, "Many died in the fire... I have to do what I can to help those that have survived. This guild has been my home for some many years after all." The merchant says, "The sale of Aura Potions have skyrocketed after the fire... but I actually don't feel happy about it.")

                  In the Tremble Cave trials, Roger also made a very particular statement.

                  (Roger is walking over to me. He's handing me a vial with green liquid inside. He said, “Here, drink this.” Is that what I think it is? I didn't think the Timecrest Merchant had it in stock. Roger said, “Yes, it's an Aura Potion. I had to put in a special order for these with the Timecrest Merchant to get them before the Copper Trials started.” He said, “Apparently the merchant was always running out of stock because mages kept buying them up. But the merchant did tell me that he finally figured out a way to keep up with the demand.”)

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