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Question of the week: Receiving the watch (ends 10/9)

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  • Question of the week: Receiving the watch (ends 10/9)

    In chapter 6, Ash finds out that Chronos invented the watch. When asked if he gave it to Ash’s parents, Chronos simply replies “Let’s just say it ended up with who it should belong to”.

    So how did Ash get the watch? More specifically, what happened between the flashback when Chronos had the watch, and when Ash received it?

    As always, please mark any spoilers with [ spoiler] (your text) [ / spoiler] (no spaces between brackets) as necessary, and try not to refer to the memory oracles.

    The best answer will be awarded 300 gems. If 5+ people answer, there will be a 2nd place reward of 100 gems, and if 8 people play, a bonus 50 gems goes to a random player.

    Good luck, and I can't wait to hear your answer!!

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    I believe that Ash seemed to have had the watch since he was born, and delving even further into this thought, it is entirely possible that Chronos intended Ash to have it and connect to the human world with it all along.

    It seems extremely unlikely that Ash gained possession of the watch by accident, or that it made its way from Helena and Julius' possession through a series of chance events to eventually make it to Ash. A viable possibility would be that Ash had it since infancy (possibly as a heirloom given to Ash before Helena and Julius passed) and was the sole item that was brought along when the Eldens took him in.

    Following this line of thought, Ash and Chronos' parents did have a strong will to unite the human and Alyncian world, specifically in Ash's lifetime. Considering Chronos as he gets older also has definite connections to the human world (a prominent example being his possession of a laptop) and was very interested in experimenting, it wouldn't seem to far-fetched that he brought those two aspects of himself together, by experimenting with an object that can unite both worlds.

    Upon giving it to his parents it is possible they gave it to Ash with the hopes that it would one day serve to connect Ash to the human world, just as they always wanted. If we were to read more into Chronos' narrative, it is possible that he (as his older self) found it strategically advantageous to have the watch be in Ash's hands and to have him talk to a human because he could manipulate that relationship to further his agenda, whether it be against Ezra or for something else (hence, "it ended up with who it should belong to").


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      My theory is that Chronos invented the pocket watch -- if I remember correctly, if you ask Chronos about his hobbies, he replies that he enjoys inventing and that his favorite invention is a pocket watch -- and that he, too, had a human friend for a time, but they had a falling out and he threw the watch out. Since Riley is so close to him, she took the watch when he did this, and later, when she delivered baby-Ash to Ash's adoptive parents, she gave that to Ash, too -- maybe so that Ash would have something to link Ash to Chronos, or maybe hoping that Ash would find a human of his own.


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        Welcome to the forums! Great theory, and I agree that it likely came from Riley.

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      Congratulations to our winner (again), dberryelixir1011! I will PM you a code and instructions.

      Thanks to everyone who played, and be sure to check @Ben’s new question for a chance to win!