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Question of the week- the real Ignis? [ends 9/25]

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  • Question of the week- the real Ignis? [ends 9/25]

    For last week's question, it was suggested that Scarlet and Ash were blurry because they had died. In chapter 7, Roger says that Ignis must've gone mad when Scarlet died, but that he'd heard rumors that Ignis died trying to bring his sister back.

    By chapter 8, Elise confirms that the imposter is without a doubt the real Ignis. What made her so sure? Was he blurry? Could she see his spirit? Or is this a case of Roger being wrong as usual?

    As always, please mark any spoilers with [ spoiler] (your text) [ / spoiler] (no spaces between brackets) as necessary, and PLEASE try not to refer to the memory oracles if you've played far enough to guess what makes people blurry.

    The best answer will be awarded 300 gems. If 5+ people answer, there will be a 2nd place reward of 100 gems, and if 8 people play, a bonus 50 gems goes to a random player.

    Good luck, and I can't wait to hear your answer!!

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    If Scarlet was blurry (possibly) because she's been brought back, it would be Ignis who did it. I'm unsure of how intuitive Elise is of people's magical abilities (she does seem to gauge power very well very quickly as seen with her remark to Alan saying she was someone he couldn't beat ), but I feel like she either could innately discern Ignis' power and quickly put two and two together, or if I overthink a little bit, I think maybe Elise can see some sort of remnant of whatever dark magic he was using to resurrect Scarlet. For instance, maybe she could see Scarlet's soul attached to him which would give his identity away pretty fast and give a reason for her unusual uneasiness in that situation. I don't think seeing a soul forcefully bound to someone is very pleasant haha .


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      I don’t know that the answer is magical. I think that due to her past, Elise has not had the ability to be innocent. If all the evidence points to something, as all the evidence pointed to the imposter being Ignus, She applied logic and discerned that the imposter was Ignus. Even though Ignus was ashes hero, Elise felt that she was the one who had to make him face the truth. After all, if he could face the truth, they could begin fightingIgnus as the villain that he was.
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        I would say that the body is definitely that of the real Ignis. What's questionable is what really lives in it.
        Ignis repeats to Ash the words of the Red Text, the one behind the door. "There are no accidents, no chance meetings"; and they both tell Ash to go to Wispy Brook This makes me believe that Ignis is actually only half-Ignis.
        I imagine this working out as follows: Ignis tries everything to revive his beloved sister, but keeps failing every time. One day, he comes across an old, occult textbook. There he reads about what happened in Rhinehart, which determines him to start an expedition to find the one that can revive he dead. He arrives at the Door and makes a trade with the one behind it - his soul gets marked (something like in Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl), where the souls of those who have a contract with her go to hell after they die) in exchange for his sister's life. Only that he gets tricked. Not only can he be used as a medium through the mark on his soul, but his sister is nothing but a shadow of what she was in a puppet (either literally or her body that had started to decompose while Ignis was trying to bring her back) that has her powers. (That's why she is always fully covered and wears a mask, even when she is sitting alone with her brother in his arms)

        I don't think he is blurry. His whole soul is in his body at the time. It will only become someone else's once he completes his purpose and is no longer needed by whoever is behind the door. Elise probably knew it was him due to seeing the mark on his soul that only people who made that specific trade would have. (not death, but the promise of death; she might be albe to see that too)
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          How Faustian. I love it.
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            Thanks to everyone that played, the answers were really great. And congratulations to Alicia von Gryphon for winning this week!

            I can’t say I’ve ever seen/ heard of Hell girl, but I can believe that Ignis made a deal with the voice behind the door, and perhaps exchanged control of his powers or personality for Scarlet’s return.

            I believe that Elise can either recognize his power, or that perhaps the ghosts of people he has killed are surrounding him (he can’t necessarily see them), and have confirmed that he is Ignis.