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  • What's your element?

    If you were an Alyncian mage (based on in-game spells), what would your element be? So far, we've seen

    Ground/ earth

    I can't count time, only Chronos/ Ash have it. Which would you choose, and why?

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    Healing and fire are both useful, but only in exceptional cases. I dare hope that the regular mage doesn't face danger as often as Ash does. And since most mages do not freeze to death, one doesn't need to be a fire mage to keep warm. However, everyone needs water on a daily basis. It is true that it doesn't cost a fortune everywhere (unlike in Windsorhowl), but unless one possesses an infinity pouch, one cannot have access to an infinite water supply. This means that one might run out of water while in an area where none can be found. Because of this, I would definitely choose to be a water mage.
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      There was a mention of a healing mage with the power to reverse aging on organs. I don't know if that means you can reverse aging on cells as well, but I feel like with a bit of messing around, a healing mage could do some interesting things. If you can de-age something, chances are you can age it as well. You could de-age someone's brain matter to make them essentially an infant, for instance. And, if people do really die because of all the telomere business and general cell aging process, there's a pretty high chance you can drastically extend someone's lifespan. say you want someone to suffer as a bedridden decrepit old man forever, or something.

      Also Ash starts eating away at aura potions pretty fast so a healer would be nice lmao.