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Weekly question- the power of the watch - ends 9/11

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  • Weekly question- the power of the watch - ends 9/11

    Weekly question- ends 9/11.

    When we meet Ash, it is through the Nexutas spell, and our words appear as glyphs on the watch.

    But after chapter 5, and a day (weeks in Alyncian time) of not talking, the communication changes- with the glyphs appearing in Ash's head, and eventually "hearing" another voice as well.

    Why did the watch get more powerful through the story? What do you think can happen in the future?

    As always, please mark text for spoilers, and if possible, don't reference the memory oracles for players that have not opened them yet.

    And better news- we are back to winning gems! As usual, the first place theory gets 300 Time Crystals, if we have 5 theories we have a second prize of 100 Time Crystals, and with 8 theories we will have a random prize of 50 Time Crystals. And now, without further ado, fire away!
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    I think its because of Ash's growing power as a mage . When we first met Ash, he was very weak and he didn't even know any spell, he can only communicate with us through the pocket watch and Ezra said that Ash's communication with us is not because of him, but because of somebody else . Now he knows a high level spell and he can cast a few other spells too, that is the sign that his power is stronger, a strong mage can instantly cast a spell without any casting time, but what if it works differently with the Nexutas spell ? Maybe the Nexutas spell evolved so that Ash don't need to look down so that it doesn't seem suspicious.
    I think that the Nexutas spell will evolve like this :

    1. Ash can only see our message when he looks at The watch.

    2. Ash can hear our message on his head, but still needs to talk to the watch so we can see his message.

    3. Ash can hear our message and can talk through his head to us, but we still need a device to communicate with him.

    4. We have a mental connection with Ash, so we don't need to take out our device when we need to talk to Ash, thus making the waiting time seems a little less annoying ( how good would this be if this were true. I can still instruct him when I'm about to sleep and my parents don't allow me to use my phone !)

    ( btw, I think that the one who sent him the other message is Ignis, since he used he same word as the man who sent him the message, there are no accidents, no chance meeting)
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      I think the pocket watch got more powerful because of something Cronus might have done. I think that the pocket watch will let more characters in the story talk directly to the one who plays this game so Ash doesn't have to tell everything the other characters are saying.

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      Jolean- welcome to the boards!

      @Arkhan-great theory.

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    I hope I put the comment in the write place, though. I am blind, using NVDA, a screen reader, and am learning how to navigate the site.


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      Jolean, maybe you should comment on my post, this thread is for questions only .


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        Sorry. I thought this was the post, because I saw the weekly question. I thought I had commented in the right place, but I doubt I am, even now.

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      Jolean your theory went through as a comment/ reply to Arkhan's post but it's just fine- we can still see your answer and reply, whether it's done as a post or a comment. Your explanation of using the screen reader was done as a post. I think it's a great theory- it would be interesting to hear everyone!

      black mage arkhan - I'm sure there's quite a learning curve to navigating a chat forum without seeing the screen. No need to worry if a post and a comment are switched around.


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        Alright. I pressed Comment. I hoped this worked. Lol.

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      I believe that the watch is becoming stronger as a reaction 1. to what lies behind the door and 2. to its proximity in both space and time to the event that is the openning of the door. I consider this to be the case because I think the watch is the key to the door, and the door is a portal.
      In this context, the connection was established for the first time by Ash (on top of Mt. Asura, right before we turn back time) because of the watch's proximity to Ezra, the enemy of that who lies in wait behind the door. (sort of like in Doctor Who, when some Dalek vault opened in the presence of the Doctor, their enemy. This analogy might even lead me to the thought that "the evil" behind the door is currently a version of itself too altered for the watch to recognise. So that might be why it didn't activate sooner.)
      Than, chapter 5 begins with the one behind the door sending us a message. The watch reacts to this and alters itself to better fit the needs of ALL those using it to communicate (giving them the possibility to all use it even if they are not all in the presence of the watch)

      As for what the "future" holds, I believe the watch will enable its possessor to, initially, allow humans to interact with Alyncian matter outside of the users and, later, also physically bring humans to Alyncia. But, of course, there would be rules: one would need to know the Nexutas spell (and its more powerful forms), be a mage strong enough to cast the spell without trading his/her life, and, possibly, be recognised by the watch as someone allowed to use it.
      (I think the watch is some sort of artificial intelligence that may or may not be conscious.)
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        I can't help but add my own theory.

        I think the watch got stronger because time started moving again. In the first half of the game, Ash could only see glyphs, but when time started moving, Ash developed a stronger connection.

        I believe the voices also returned when time started, Ash just didn't hear them until Chapter 9. (all text came through when Ash is sleeping/ passed out). I don't think it's a coincidence that Ash dreamed about the door while we heard the voice. Similarly, the blue voice only communicated around Chronos- perhaps being in his presence magnified the ability of the watch? (Or was similar to interference on a phone line).

        Depending on which path you take, Ignis/ Ezra are each able to see the watch freeze time, making me think that they're aware of the power the watch possesses, as well as who might be behind the power. Ezra because he says it's someone he once knew (though it would've been in the past, I'm surprised that he thinks nothing of the watch in Chapter 3), Ignis because he quoted the watch several times. And we see someone try to attack the watch- I wonder if that's to stop Ash, or to stop what may happen in the future.


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          Congrats to this week's winner, Alicia von Gryphon. There were brilliant theories this week, and it made my job of choosing a winner very difficult.

          I'll send you the details in a private message.

          Thanks to everyone that played, and I look forward to hearing your answers this week.