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    Hi! So I found this game browsing the app store last night, and I'm really enjoying it. I want to draw fanart for it, and am sure others would like to as well- except, of course, this is a text-based adventure and the few canon proofs of what the characters look like are scattered everywhere. I'd be really grateful if anyone shares refs of any and every character they have- silhouettes, doodles, textual evidence (i.e. Ash's eyes are violet?), forum posts indicating any of this, basically anything that can piece together the look of these characters.

    I have been searching around and will continually edit this post to compile the info, maybe eventually moving it to the Alyncipedia section if I can! Though please note that I'm still only on chapter two HAHAH and would appreciate story-relevant spoilers being tagged or kept to a minimum. Of course, characters are pretty much inherently spoilerrific, but I do want to keep playing the game as the devs probably intended (while still being able to draw for it while I make Ash run everywhere because I'm cheap lmao).

    General (races, uniforms, symbols, items)

    Ash Elden
    Originally posted by The Crab View Post
    Ash takes more after Helena Timecrest, short, friendly and innocent looking with large purple eyes.
    Riley Valdor
    Originally posted by The Crab View Post
    Riley is taller than Ash and has long, wavy, brown hair that goes down to her waist. Her cheeks has a natural, light pink flush and she has sparkling blue eyes. Normally, she's very shy and doesn't speak up much, but when she does, her voice is always very warm. She has a Valdorian tattoo on her wrist.

    Valdorian Tattoo:
    Elise Maybelle

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    Welcome to the forum! Timecrest is a great story, and I'm sure you'll be even more hooked as you get further along.

    The characters are meant for your imagination to take over. Ash could be male or female (most people see Ash as male). The only thing we know for sure is Ash has violet eyes, as the Crab described above.

    If if you click on the "relationships" tab, in the lower right corner, you can see silhouettes of some of the characters.

    Though you haven't met everyone yet, we know the following:

    Riley- Slim and beautiful, rosy skin, shimmering brown hair, sapphire eyes.

    A.C.- chestnut hair, grumpy expression (when he's not sleeping), military jacket/ pants, black leather boots, and a sword.

    Roger- majestic looking, light blonde hair, blue eyes.

    Elise- pale skin, black hair and dresss (but you've seen her photo).

    When you you unlock the memory oracles, you will see a picture of Roger.

    I'm curious to see what you draw- fan art helps to make characters more real. Good luck with your art and the game!