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Weekly question- why did the Ignis amulets lose power?

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  • Weekly question- why did the Ignis amulets lose power?

    While waiting on mount Asura, Ash told us the story of Master Ignis and his amulet.

    We learn that Scarlet, not Sol, possesses strong fire magic- strong enough to fend off a ruby dragon and earn the title of Master. But in the end, brains beat brawn. Ignis' invention of the fire amulet makes him the new Master of Fire.

    Eventually, Scarlet became sick and died. Ash called it a mystery, but Ignis blamed the residents of Wispy Brook. The amulets lost their power as Sol practiced eclectic magic to bring her back.

    But why did they lose their power? Was it that Sol's heart turned cold, or was it something else? I have a theory, but I'm curious to see everyone else's.

    Don't forget to mark text for spoilers, and avoid memory oracles if possible. I can't offer any gems, but I'd love to see your best theory!

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    We know, thanks to the existence of teleport orbs and because of Indra Frost's tome at the library fire that spells can be stored in objects. What if Ignis didn't actually make the amulets on his own? Maybe his accomplishment was finding a recipient powerful enough to contain great heat, but the fire inside the amulet was actually Scarlet's, hers being much more powerful than his. He did that, maybe, by linking all the amulets to her. Maybe that was even the thing that made her sick - too many amulets drawing from her power. Then it could be that the amulets emit the "temperature" of her soul. When she was alive, she had the energy of youth and a strong will to live and to accomplish great things and now that she's dead, all there is where her soul should be is coldness.
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      Great theory! I was thinking the same when I said she was the powerful one- still the Ignis Amulet, but in reality the Scarlet Ignis Amulet.