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Weekly question- what if Chronos lost?

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  • Weekly question- what if Chronos lost?

    Not an official gem-winning question, but let's keep the board moving until we get one.

    In Chapter 3, we see an epic face off between Chronos and King Janus that destroys Valdor. As the old saying goes, history is written by the winner. Chronos is a hero, complete with his own guild and pretentious statue.

    But what if he didn't win? Perhaps Ash could've stopped him. Maybe Janus or the man with the scar did? How would history change?

    It's a broad question- maybe your answer is how Valdor would be, what Riley would be like, Ash's time paradox, or whether the meteors still appear? Use your imagination, give your best theory.

    (And please remember to write
    [ spoiler] answer [/ spoiler] without spaces for things others haven't experienced, as well as avoiding the oracles if you can).

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    Allow me to start by saying how much I like your idea. Ever since school ended, I've been checking the forum almost daily. And there finally is something I believe I am capable of answering! (since I don't need to have played the game more than 10 times, but I only need to use my imagination)

    I'll write my answer considering there is no time paradox, more like "what history would have been written like if Chronos had lost", disregarding the way we learn about Alyncia.

    Considering the cruelty of King Janus, he would have surely had Chronos killed. Or worse: he might have found a way to contain Chronos for long enough to kill his baby brother, the only family he had left, in front of him as punishment for having dared to defy him. Than he would either have Chronos killed or would keep him barely alive, just enough for Chronos to be able to blame himself for Ash's death for as long as his body could live. In this scenario, Riley might have decided that she had lost enough people dear to her because of her father. She would either wait for him to rebuild his kingdom, kill him in his sleep and rule the New Valdor justly and peacefully or kill him in his sleep right away and declare that the end of the Valdorian Kingdom. She might give away almost all of the royalty's reaches and share it equally among the people and use the rest to found the Timecrest guild in the memory of her best friend, the first one who dared to stand up to King Janus, the one who enabled her to put an end to his unfair rule.
    Another scenario might be that Chronos managed to send a message to Riley right before dying, telling her that Ash is in danger and that his last wish was for her to protect what was left of his family. And here it branches again: She puts herself between her father and Ash. She takes every hit she gets in order to make sure nothing happens to Ash. 1. She is strong enough to remain alive. But she knows she can't take it much longer, so she pretends to be dead. Janus thinks that the little one would suffocate under his daughter 's corpse so he leaves. Riley flees Valdor and raises Ash herself, teaching him magic, but also that it is to be used solely for good or in self defense; teaching him to be good-hearted and caring. Or 2. She is not strong enough so she dies protecting Ash. However, King Janus is now in need of an heir and has no wife or daughter, so he decides to take Ash in. He has Ash's mind washed, turning him into Valdor's most loyal and obedient soldier and has him trained so that he becomes a time mage even more powerful than Chronos was.

    Ezra would have no reason to show himself in either scenario except for the last one. In that case, he would fight Ash. And Ezra would win because Ash is no longer a free person; ever since his mind had been enslaved all he can do is follow orders, so he wouldn't have the will required to beat Ezra. Well, of course, that Ash would have nothing in common with the Ash we communicate with, since he was raised under completely other circumstances.
    “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” - "Alice in Wonderland"


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      Amazing theories!

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      Thanks a lot!

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      Well written, thanks!

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    There are two possibilities. The first, where Chronos is left alive but defeated, could create a mass of hostile variables to Valdor as Janus would need to have a new prison built to contain his magic, or even to create a place devoid of magic of any kind. Though Valdor is an oppressive monarchy, with Chronos's constructive political skills and ideas, being put in such a containment area could be considered inhumane and lead to the monarchy being overthrown altogether. Chronos would be a likely candidate to take the vacant position of power in Valdor and would lead with an attitude between his own and Janus, while making sure above all he has complete power, however inadvertent it may be. In history, he would be viewed as an activist who stood up to Janus for the good of the Valdorian citizens, and began the movement to free the kingdom from oppression. Ash's fate in this timeline is inconclusive, as it relies on the reason that Riley took Ash to the Eldens in the first place (e.g. a conversation with Luthor following his parents' death or a kidnapping or somewhere in-between) and, if Ash continued to be interested in magic, would likely follow the path of Ignis if not taken in by Chronos.

    The second possibility is if Chronos was killed in the confrontation with Janus. Based on the terror that the Valdorian disease was causing in the citizens, Chronos could be remembered as a deranged maniac from the blackness of the disease, or maybe as a scapegoat for the cause of the disease itself (for any who don't know, Janus caused the Valdorian Disease ), furthering the hatred towards humans in the citizens. Valdor would maintain its position of power over the other kingdoms. Upon Janus's death, Riley, the heiress to the throne, would work to improve relationships with other kingdoms and move to help the farmers in the Valdorian Suburbs (such as Lyall) in an attempt to better feed the kingdom's citizens. She would also address all of the terrible actions her father has enacted onto the Valdorians and work to make Alyncia a stronger and more united planet as a whole.

    One more thing, I don't think Chronos could have lost. Luthor could have, but I believe Chronos was born from the genocide of the entire Valdorian kingdom and its creation of the God Complex that Chronos possesses after his revenge for Helena and Julius's murder (a God Complex is a psychosis where one believes they are impervious to consequences). And time will only tell what Chronos's murder would have stopped... we'll see (hopefully) what Chronos has planned when Timecrest 3 hits.

    Great question Christine!


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      In particular, I think it's interestesting to speculate what exactly were the events leading to this confrontation between Janus & Chronos? We get hints, bits and pieces throughout Timecrest, how do they all thread together?

      We can't wait to tell this part of the story eventually...!


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        I know Chapter 10 gives a few hints, but I'd love to know what was shared, and why Janus got greedy instead of sharing the glory with humans. What caused him to hate the humans?

        At least drop a few hints while we wait!

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      After Luthor dies a gruesome death for treason. King Janus would open up a guild to create a Valdorian mage army.

      Ash lacks the war-like spirit to join the guild. Instead, Princess Riley would train Ash both to make up for the kidnapping, and for her hatred of Janus killing people she loved.

      Ash may band together with other human mages (Marik), and would beat Janus purely out of righting past wrongs (not vengeance, as Ash never knew Luthor).

      Unfortunately, Ezra would eventually get involved, because he sees humankind as an exception to the natural rules of Alyncia. If Ash is just as powerful as Luthor was, Ezra would still be contained. But who knows if Ash is strong enough to take on the force behind the door without Ezra? We can only hope that we can help Ash as much as we already have.


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        Luthor would probably have to die, instantly. I'm gonna take this question as is- meaning Luthor wouldn't have been any less powerful , so his death in this scenario would most likely be a fluke imo. If they had some way to keep him captive and torturable, they probably would have applied it to defeat him, but the best Janus could do seemed to be just suicide his entire army. The power gap between individuals in this story are enormous, lmao.

        I just finished my first playthrough and am a bit through the first arc again, so my guesses probably aren't too good but:

        - As a whole, the status quo would have been...the same, imo. Janus did bad things because he was more or less just a bad person afaik, Chronos does bad things because he sees it as a necessary evil or something. Either way, lots of people die. Chronos not only allows but enforces an anti-human policy to help him along. The world without Janus doesn't seem to be any more or less peaceful- even within a controllable area like a guild, most are pretty much at the absolute mercy of a few out there who are strong enough to kill everyone. Nobody in that range of power seems to have any interest in providing protection or genuine stability. maybe the boss mom. i dont know her well enough yet.

        - Ezra may end up still wiping out everyone on Alyncia, byproduct of trying to rid of a single entity or not. He seems to function on a pretty steady distrust in all human beings and or alyncians, and if he saw whatever Janus was trying to do, chances are he'd go for the hard reset. Nobody would really be there to stop him, so the run's dead there boys! But let's say he doesn't and spends his fair days catching forest crabs or whatever and generally not caring.

        - Riley seems to function on severe guilt issues (you can smell broken bird woobie from her the moment she appears jfc). Her guilt would probably be mostly swerved towards not being able to save Chronos versus taking Ash's identity away from him, and SHE may actually be the one to start a big plan to bring Luthordoodle back. But let's say she's more vitruous than to throw everyone in her game like Chronobuns was willing to. Chances are, she would defect from her kingdom, burn the crest on her hand off, and probably stay beside Ash out of guilt. Kind of like a more dolled up Obi-wan. If she's unwilling to get political, the most she can do is give Ash a happy life somewhere far away from all of this. (and then feel guilty about keeping Ash ignorant lmao)

        - On that note, Ash. They grew up with very kind parents, which probably contributed to their good nature. Riley probably turned to them because she could trust them. I'd think she'd convince them to move far away and take Ash. But since Ash is some sort of destiny chaser, they'd be drawn back to whatever mess. If he's far away enough, maybe Ignis wouldn't have met him in his childhood, and maybe he wouldn't have pursued magic, but that's probably unlikely seeing as that magic seems to be the singular most powerful weapon in this universe. And Riley would probably follow. With Chronos dead, and her only living tie to personal grief a very innocent and goodhearted child, she wouuld be a much freer person. Her and Ash would have had likely been close lifelong friends without Chronos. Though not without trouble with her tendency to not explain anything and do stuff for people they didn't ask for.

        - Team 13: A.C. would probably be very different. vague as hell. I won't go into it since it concerns the Oracles. Roger would likely still seek whatever could give him more strength, and considering he got tied up in something as [moderated] up as Timecrest, why not head over to another guild or even the royal capital of Valdor? Probably plenty of books there. I don't think him and Alan can ever get along perfectly in any timeline. There's no way to do things right if you're just both mentally incapable of it. Elise, I don't think she would have changed much either. I don't fully know her circumstances so I can't say, but she seems to be pretty much just what she is from way on back.

        - Marik seems to be thoroughly damned from the get go because of his uh, disposition in a world that would end up hating humans no matter what. Ignis' [moderated]ups seem to generally just be his own story, so he'll probably still go down the heavy lost-my-[moderated] slide anyways and set a bush on fire. Maybe he'll rise up and burn Valdor to the ground, lmao. Don't think he'a strong enough though. Chronos' lackeys at Timecrest- who knows. Maybe they'd just be at home and chill. Timecrest Merchant would be named something else and still generally beat down by his boss and go around falling in love too easily. Poor dude.
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          Great theories, I agree that Riley gave Ash to the parents she thought would be best. I'm also sure that fate brought Ash back to Timecrest and to meeting Ignis, no matter what Riley did.

          I also don't see much of a change with Roger/ Elise/ A.C.

          But the idea of Riley being the one to start the resurrection process on Chronos is amazing. Would've loved to see how that played out!