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  • Daily discussion topic: Luthor & Riley

    We know that Luthor and Riley were good friends when they were growing up. What do you think was the nature of their friendship? Are they just as close now? Along those lines, what do you think Luthor's childhood was like?

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    I believe they kept a friendship very close to brother and sister. After all, we know that when Riley's mother passed away, Helena (Chronos' mother) took Riley in.

    As much as the grew up and grew apart, I believe they think of each other as siblings. As much as they say things are different now, she is just as willing to give blood for Aion, he wants her to live there, and they both want what's best for Ash.

    I believe as a young child, he had a normal childhood with loving parents, who encouraged his knowledge and magic. I have no idea what his teenage years were like, but I am insanely curious about it. We know his parents died when he was about 13. Who, if anyone, raised him? Did he and Riley support each other on Aion after Valdor's destruction? Can't wait to find out more about him.


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      You'll learn more about them in "Luthor Timecrest." Starting from Chapter 11, you'll get to know more about what was happening in Luthor's life when he was around 13. Turns out Luthor's world was pretty different from the one Ash grew up in, things have changed in Alyncia.


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        So do that mean you are close to completing the game ?

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        We haven't announced anything yet. You'll hear a lot more when we're ready to talk about when it's coming out. We have a very high standard for what we want Luthor's story to be about, so we're taking our time to get it right.

        Trust me, it'll be worth the wait!

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        I'm gonna hold you to that!