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WIN 100 TIME CRYSTALS! (Forum Contest 2-27-2016 to 3 -18-2016)

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  • WIN 100 TIME CRYSTALS! (Forum Contest 2-27-2016 to 3 -18-2016)

    Winners have been selected!
    Hello Timecresters and welcome to our fifth forum contest!

    This week's event will again be giving the best answer to the question below for a chance to win 100 Time Crystals!
    There will also be a participant randomly selected at the end of the event winning 50 Time Crystals!

    Rules and Information:
    - You may post multiple times but your entry will be only counted once.
    - Members are encouraged but not required to respond to other member's posts.
    - Posts must be relevant to the event or will not be counted as an entry.
    - Try to give the most thoughtful answer possible for the best chance to win.
    - We will direct PM your account if you are selected as a winner by the end of the contest.
    - Contest will end on March 18th, 2016.
    - Have fun!
    - Posts below may contain spoilers.

    Forum Question: Who is your most disliked character of Timecrest 1 and why?

    A reference to all the characters can be found here:

    Thanks to Prismanac for creating and providing a list of the characters in the story so far.

    Good luck to everyone!
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    First, I have something unrelated to this specific contest. There is a feature that lets users add tags to a post. Perhaps all of the contests should be tagged as such.


    Second, I have a response to this contest. I dislike King Janus the most. Of course, we still don't know what happened in the past that caused Chronos to kill everyone in Valdor. He may have just snapped. He may have had his reasons for doing so.

    If he had reasons, what were they? When someone attacks a country, they may have a personal vendetta or a problem with the country itself. That could amount to issues with the morals and values or the country or the actuall manner in which it is run. Which reason did Chronos use?

    If it was personal, what happened? Ash was heavily implied to be related to him. We do not yet know how he is. Yet, he was given to adoptive parents. His parents may have known his birth parents. Maybe not, however. They knew some facts about his history, such as the fact that he was descended from humans. Yet, they neglected to tell him that he was related to Chronos. They may not have even known. They may have, however. Riley gave Ash to them. She may have already been under Chronos' influence. As it was a child and not an adult that gave a baby to random people, I am going to assume that she already was, since it was not her parents that delivered Ash. In that case, did Ash's parents know? Why have him given to random people, unless those people were also under Chronos' control? Riley may have even given Ash to them without Chronos knowing. She does have some free will, after all.

    Well, what I was actually trying to say with this is that Chronos' parents are probably dead. Ash, a Timecrest, was given to adoptive parents. Unless Chronos' own parents cast him out, they are likely not around. That does not explain why Ash was given up. We don't know his exact relation to Chronos. Yet, if Ash was even a cousin, wouldn't his parents have taken Chronos in, as well? Thus, I assume that all adult Timecrests were dead shortly after the time Ash was born. Chronos may have blamed Janus, whether or not he actually had something to do with the deaths.

    If Chronos attacked Valdor for a non-personal reason, what was it? Janus may have been a horrible ruler. Chronos may have been sick of that, prompting an attack. No one seems to know much on his personal life. For all we know, he could have been someone poor, abused by the system.

    Magic is very much a part of Valdor. Yet, humans also used to live there, without magic. If Ash is a descendent of humans, it is possible that Chronos also is. Society has a noted dislike of humans. Chronos may have been looked down upon for something like that. He can't control who he is born to. Yet, the country may have reviled him, regardless. It may not have even been hate. They could have just looked down upon him and thought him inferior, becuase his ancestors couldn't do magic. he may have wanted to prove that he could do magic and become great. Perhaps he planned the fall of the meteors, only go again "rescue" everyone and become Ben more hailed. Perhaps he undid the spell and was prepared to tell everyone that it was the work of someone else. Maybe it really did come undone by someone else's doing.

    Looking back, perhaps Ash's birth parents are still alive. If Chronos suffered becuase of who he is, he may have wanted to remove Ash to rescue him from such a fate.

    If hate of humans was the reason Chrinos attacked, why had such a thing happened in the first place? Did Janus allow such views to breed? As a king, he does not have absolute control over society. Yet, it could have easily been him and the royal family that started such views. As magic users, they also could have liked down upon normal humans. There is no guarantee that they did, however.

    If nothing else, I dislike his mere character. When you meet him, he is being held hostage. He is being kept barely alive under Valdor. He is being kept alive by what appears to be human technology, in fact.

    When Ash talks to him, he seems unpleasant and bitter. Really, after an existance like that, who wouldn't be? Yet, he is also the reason Riley does as Chronos says. Well, according to King Janus. Who knows? She may follow Chronos willingly. He calls his own daughter weak. He seems to hate her, in fact, for keeping him alive. It is not much of an existance. I can understand why she would wish to do so. Yet, her own father cannot understand that. After so long in the dark, barely living, I can also understand why he would hate her. Yet, why not direct his hatred towards the person that destroyed his country and caused this mess? Why hate his own daughter, instead of Chronos, for putting Riley into that position?

    Janus, in Roman Mythology, is the god with two faces. This could be implying that King Janus is a two-faced person. The textbook definition "two-faced" is "insincere and deceitful". Perhaps Janus could be lying about everything. He may have lied to Ash about the "First Mage", sending him to his death. He could have lied to Riley, and may want to be alive, after all. He may have even been lying to Ash about thinking Riely was weak. He may also have been lying to his country, however. "Lying" can be in a positive manner, but "deceit" has a more negative connotation. Generally, it implies covering up bad things, not good things.

    It's hard to say, with so many unknowns. Yet, he is the person I can least give reason to. Riley may only be doing things to keep her father alive. Chronos may be doing things becuase he thinks it is right. Janus, though? He dislikes his daughter, he may have done something to provoke young Luthor Timecrest's attack and his name implies that he is, first and foremost, a lying bastard.
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      I've been reading the forums, but haven't been posting, but I want to give these contests a try.


      My least favorite characters would have to be Petora and Hooded Man (Fulgur?). I have a very simple reason for this. An encounter with them means certain doom for my Ash. On Mount Asura for example, I was walking around and then boom, my Ash is sent back to the beginning of the chapter because he got caught by them.

      I don't know what there deal is. They are supposed to be Chronos' henchmen, but then why make things hard for my Ash and me? Either Chronos ordered them to do it for some reason or they feel like Ash is a threat to Chronos and they are trying to hinder Ash. I curious if they know I'm Ash Timecrest or not when they are chasing me around. Did anyone find out the reason for their actions or is it an unsolved mystery for now?

      I know I missed the favorite character contest, but I wanted to give a shout out to Ash. I really enjoyed my interactions with him and that's why I hate Petora and the hooded guy most right now because they are out to get Ash.


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        New here! I'm not posting to win, although if I get a random award or something it be cool. I just want to say I agree with everything Laytheron said. You basically articulated my seething disgust towards that slimeball perfectly! And the theory about Janus being the god with two faces is enlightening. With a name like that how can we possible trust anything this guy does or says!


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          Congratulations to the winners!
          After review and consideration, we have determined that Laytheron is the winner of 100 Time Crystals & King Cupcake has been randomly selected to win 50 Time Crystals!
          I will be PMing both these users shortly with information on how to receive their rewards!
          Thank you all for participating in the fourth forum contest!
          Good luck in the next event!


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            Great! I have lots of Time Crystals hoarded, by now. Thanks, Sneaky Crab. Also, congratulations to King Cupcake.


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              Oh drats! First forum contest I missed (( Work, why you so busy?!!! :P

              Congrats Laytheron and King Cupcake. When the next contest comes up I'll make sure to set a reminder for myself.


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                Sweet! Thanks Sneaky Crab and congrats to you too Laytheron!