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What's with the Red Text?

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  • What's with the Red Text?

    I've been wondering what the heck the red text person has to do with us? I looked and didn't see a question about this. If I missed that question, please redirect me, but does anyone know what the red text person speculated as Alvin? wants?
    The messages in order were:
    Hehe... I exist now awakened by the light. A crack in the distance. You're there, aren't you? I've been waiting for you. Have you been waiting for me? There are no accidents, no chance meetings. When the door is open, I'll have everything I want... and... I want you.

    There once was a good man who lives in a house alone. He didn't want any visitors so he kept his doors locked. That is until I knocked, knocked, and knocked. The man wouldn't see me at first. He tried to resist the inevitable thirst. This is how it happens, I've seen it many times. First comes curiosity, second comes desire. Third comes an itch is most dire. For even a good man like him couldn't resist seeing more. So he opened his eyes and unlocked the door.

    When the door opens there will be no need for you to hide. Your place is with me on the other side. The poor, good man tried to get rid of me, you see. But only when the door opens will he truly be free.

    Someone important was stolen from you. And a storm inside continues to brew. Come to Wispy Brook, it's time to meet. Only by my will can you truly feel complete.
    if I missed any, let me know.
    Any ideas?
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    We don't know who (he?) is or what he wants. There's no thread dedicated to who it is, Ben asked who the author of the good poem was, and there are some threads posted in (I think) the "theories and discoveries" or "ask me anything" thread.

    I'd guess that the Red man is currently trapped and needs a strong sacrifice or a lot of magic to break through, and there's a high price to pay. I believe that Ignis reviving Scarlet has a lot to do with it. After all, he is waiting in the house containing the door, and Wispy Brook where everything was destroyed was where is started.

    I have too many theories to share here. But I will point out that when Ignis meets Ash, he uses the same words- there are no accidents, no chance meetings.