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At mount Azura, Ezra lets Chronos go because...

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  • At mount Azura, Ezra lets Chronos go because...


    At mount Azura, Ash sees the fading memory of Chronos running from Ezra. Then Ezra catches up to Chronos and holds him by his neck. He is almost killing Chronos, but Chronos says something that makes Ezra let him go.

    Ezra was much stronger than Chronos, so I didn't believe it was a spell. When asked by Ash what did Chronos say that made him let go Chronos (after Ezra killed Riley), Chronos says that it wasn't something HE sayd.

    The way it is written shows that was something other person said. Since we SAW that Chronos was te one who said it, the only reasonable explanation is that Chronos' Human (he had one just like Ash has us) told Chronos something and he said it to Ezra.

    Anyine have different thoughts on that?

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    I can totally agree with that. No matter which path you take in chapter 8 (fighting Ezra or Ignis), you are capable of freezing time right before Ash gets killed. If you talk to chronos, he knows who you are, and I believe you are his watch friend (with your memory erased). I can believe that you saved Chronos the same way.


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      This also explains why Chronos seems to know us, already has a connection with us that was never explained, and poses the cryptic question: What if Ash wasn't the first Alyncia to contact us? But, why did Chronos "leave" the watch with Ash? Chronos says "Lets just say it ended up with who it belonged with." When you choose the option to talk about hobbies.
      Any thoughts or theories?
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