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Weekly Question: Why is Riley more useful when she is gone?

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  • Weekly Question: Why is Riley more useful when she is gone?

    “I’ve never seen Ezra lie about anything. He’s harsh, but he’s never lied.” If these words hold true, why is Riley more useful dead, rather than living? I wouldn't suspect Ezra to be incorrect in his words, so this leaves us with the question what does Riley do or doesn't do that would make her more useful being out of the picture? And was that Ezra's motive or ulterior motive for killing her? As with every weekly question, the first place theory gets 300 Time Crystals, if we have 5 theories we have a second prize of 100 Time Crystals, and with 8 theories we will have a random prize of 50 Time Crystals. So, without further ado, fire away!

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    I think Riley is more useful when she's gone because it forces Ash to fend for himself. There are several examples in the game where she tries to protect him and make arrangements on her own for his safety, but they all seem to hinder his ability to become more powerful on his own. She even says how she never wanted him to be a Mage and obviously he needs to be more powerful to fight Chronos. This could also explain why Ezra decides to help Ash by putting him in a trance back in the past.


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      Wow, I've been gone for so long, and what am I doing for the first day back? Why, theories of course!

      Obviously when Riley is gone, this upsets Ash deeply, which makes Ash want to get Riley back, filling him with determination, and also to get revenge on Ezra, which shows bravery and will to fight.

      However, these are also negatives to those. Ash ends up losing all of Team 13 in Wispy Brook because of this. (Well, Roger was a separate reason, but who counted him as important? Just my opinion) which means we're 3 people down to fight Ignis, and this revenge makes Ash want to fight Ezra, which is obviously a bad idea..

      So far, it appears that Riley's death only makes Ash continue forward and wants to avenge her death, which as I said, is also a negative in a way, the only other reason things change when Riley's gone is the fact she doesn't try so hard to protect Ash, which didn't change much in the end.

      So, what did Riley's death do? Nothing when you think about it, I mean, Ash is determined and willing to fight, but that's about it. Surely Ezra had his reasons for it though (Oh my god, I hate the fact I even wrote that sentence. I HATE THAT LINE SO FREAKING MUCH AT THIS POINT.) and maybe she does make it better when she's dead, but so far I'm honestly unsure.


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        Riley is a nice person, but when she's around Ash, she can be very confusing. He could never tell whether she's on his side or not on his side. She inadvertently causes Ash a lot of interpersonal angst that he has to fight through to achieve his goals and try to find some semblance of happiness.
        Love is my strength


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          Riley is the only person who makes Ezra think about his own life, the fact that love does exist in his world. She makes him, even just for an instance think of the bitterness and pain he's been holding inside.
          Riley protects Ashe and Ezra wants a direct audience with him again without her.
          He also knows without Riley's blood, Ion will be exposed as a fake and not truly Borvorion


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            Wow, great point. Welcome to the board, hope to hear more theories from you!

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          Congratulations to this week's winner JohnnyValdezi! I will be PMing you with your code. Great to hear all the wonderful theories this week, and I am looking forward to hearing from you again next time!!!


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            I didn't want to join in on last week, but I had to share my (long) theory.

            Part of the reason that it's better to not have Riley is because it fills Ash with the determination that we originally saw in chapter 2.

            I also believe Ezra sees himself in Ash- he needs Ash to see the bigger picture from his point of view- to realize that to save the planet, sacrifices need to be made. And since Ash had stated in chapter 2 that (he) sees the overall good in people, he needs to realize that the world as a whole is worth more than 1 person.

            But even more than that, I believe it is to save the world. Ignis already had practice in bringing back Scarlet, but he had to make a sacrifice (perhaps his own father or town), and Chronos joined him to bring back someone bigger. What if it wasn't their parents? What if it was someone who could change history?

            I have 2 theories. The first possibility is that Ash's pure heart is needed for a stronger reincarnation. But he isn't strong enough to revive 2 people, and he would choose Riley over helping his brother.

            But as Ezra pointed out, what makes Ash think she wanted to be brought back? And that's when I realized, perhaps in order for Chronos/ Ignis to have enough power to change the world, they needed Riley. True, she isn't the only remaining Valdorian (Chronos said there are 4-5 left), but she had both magic, and the memories of the entire history of Valdor. (Consider the possibility that she remembered everything that happened before giving away her amulet). She was the key to unlocking whatever information Chronos/ Ignis needed to change history through reviving necessary people. Without her there, they are incapable of moving forward.

            While Ezra seems like he's cold and unfeeling, he knows that Riley was pure hearted and reminded him of the past. And he is willing to be the bad guy in Ash's eyes if it helps him to protect Alyncia.