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    I downloaded Timecrest on a few other devices this week, and it has only 5 reviews (the counter resets with every update).

    Let's get out there and show Cowbunny/ Crab how we really feel, and maybe get some new people to play and keep this board hopping!

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    I thought review in App Store got seperated for each country. So if I lived in country A, I can't see review from country B. You said that you've seen 5 reviews, but I dont see any reviews. It said that they dont have enought rating to displays.

    What I mean is that maybe there are more reviews that you have seen, but I could be wrong.

    but I will always review it, anyway 😀.
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      I mean, you can legit just hit "All Versions" to see the reviews.


      • ChristineMoon
        ChristineMoon commented
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        Once you open the description, yes. But when you just see the main page, it shows only 6 (5-star) ratings. It won't grab people's attention the way the original 193 reviews will.

      • JohnnyValdezi
        JohnnyValdezi commented
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        Huh. Interesting.

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      I think Timecrest had its latest patch just about a week ago or so, and the reviews in current versions are just for patch 1.5.7.