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Weekly Question: What is the potential of Chronos's pocket watch spell?

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  • Weekly Question: What is the potential of Chronos's pocket watch spell?

    This week I wanted to offer up a question that I thought up at the beginning of Chapter 7 when Chronos mentions the spell he put on our pocket watch. Thinking it over, what are the actual abilities of it? We know Chronos heard our call when we were trying to save Ash. But what else can this do? For this week, I wanted to offer up my own theory, and then I want to see yours as well.

    My theory is that this spell did not first appear in chapter 8, when you hear about it from Chronos. Rather it has been in effect since Chronos gave up the pocket watch out of rage in the Chapter 10 flashback. My first piece of evidence is when you talk to Chronos after Marik got expelled, you can see his words as well. But think about this, what if Chronos can listen to us wherever we are? This would allow him to be 5 steps ahead at all times, and how he targets Ash and Team 13 so perfectly, like in Nightshade Forest and on the way to Wispy Brook, and when you are teleported out of the Ruins of Valdor with Riley's body. Somehow he has known our every move. But what better way than through having an ear into every conversation, not only amongst Team 13, but also between Ash and the Player? He knows how to manipulate us at every turn, and in Chapter 9 when you speak to him privately, he says "If you are indeed receiving weird messages, you know what they say about trusting strangers." What if Chronos heard that as well, instead of just guessing based on his knowledge behind the red text person? And for a final piece of evidence, look at the last scene in chapter 10. Ignis is about to burn and destroy the pocket watch, knowing that it is the only way Ash can be revived and saved. Maybe Chronos saw that Ignis was about to completely lose it and kill Ash but also destroy his link to Ash. Things got out of his calculated control, and so he had to save his link and Ash before it was too late. Also in doing so, the player is faced with an ultimatum where they can leave Ash to his fate or "trust" Chronos to save him. And what about the images from the past? Those, though not part of this theory, could also be tools to manipulate Ash to seeing only the past that would turn Ash to Chronos's side. So much manipulation. But wrapping it back around, wouldn't it make sense that if Chronos can hear the player from god knows where in Chapter 10, that he is able to hear and counter every move they make? I am really excited to see what you guys have to say about this! As with every weekly question, the first place theory gets 300 Time Crystals, if we have 5 theories we will have a second prize of 100 Time Crystals, and with 8 theories we will have a random prize of 50 Time Crystals. I hope you all enjoyed my theory! And I cannot wait to see yours as well! So, without further ado, fire away!

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    A few thoughts on this.

    1> I love when I happen to be in the chapter you're talking about.

    2> I vote Ben for #1 theory this week.

    To further prove your theory: in Chapter 9, Chronos pulls Ash and Riley away, with "sorry I couldn't extract you earlier". So clearly he knew there was a problem even when he shouldn't have been aware.

    I'll add a theory if we don't come up with 5. Good luck to everyone.


    • Ben
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      Haha thanks so much! I also find it interesting that it is only when you are outside with Riley's body that Chronos extracts you. You could have looked for Riley initially and then Ezra would teleport you out and Chronos would extract you, or you could do the Ezra scene, be teleported out by him, then extracted. There is only one question I can raise looking at that scene. Ezra's Valdor Palace Simulation is invisible and inaccessible until Ezra wishes it to be, as we see from when Ash and Riley first arrive at the Ruins. What if instead of just being a palace replica, this is a dimensional pocket, if you will, that Ezra is in control of? What if Chronos was put under a restriction with the pocket watch, just as we were? When the pocket watch glows red, Ezra, responding to Ash's confusion says "Don't worry. It's temporary. I don't want your human friend to interfere with your answer to my question." After he explained "I don't mind if they listen in, but I need the answer to be yours and yours alone." Until Riley is killed and you turn back time and all, the pocket watch still glows red. What if Ezra not only restricted our access into the pocket watch, but Chronos's as well? i.e. Chronos could only watch, but not interfere with the events happening, and actually did try to save Riley? However, I am hesitant to believe to this, as every move from Chronos has been calculated and arranged. But perhaps his actions in Chapter 9 show that he didn't want Riley to die. Perhaps this is true but not for the right reasons. Perhaps Riley was yet another puppet to him, and her close relation to Ash created a bond that Chronos could exploit to convince Ash to do his bidding. With our current knowledge of Chronos, this answer could make sense. But I believe that when we learn more about him, perhaps we could believe that he truly cared for Riley. But looping back, maybe he had no control in the Illusion Valdor Palace, and was as powerless as we were. Just more food for thought. Looking forward to your theory Christine!

    • ChristineMoon
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      I've searched for Riley on an earlier run, and considered that Chronos' ability to react was limited when I was in the Ezra scene.

      But to think that Chronos didn't have the power to reach Ash in the palace? Fascinating.

      But to take your question a step further, I've considered the idea that Chronos not only listens, but is in control of the watch through the story, while Ash thinks it's you. Is it a coincidence that you are sent back ~16 years, and conveniently forward the proper amount of time, by Chronos, when you've witnessed Valdor?

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    I also believe that Chronos used the watch to control time when he was young.
    When Chronos, during the flashbacks, said he could only turn back time for five minutes, he was gripping the pocket watch. When you, the player, see Ash killed, you turn back time to save him. I do believe(but not yet proven) after Ash dies you get turned back five minutes of the game. The game notes that you're the first human to cast magic between worlds many times. You and Ash may be magical, but when Chronos was young, it was never noted that his friend turned back time for Chronos. Chronos may have known how to do it on his own. He or his father invented the pocket watch. The pocket watch may also be embedded with parts of the Chronogem because that is the only thing you could draw time magic from. Chronos may have used the pocket watch to learn time magic from when he was young and not too powerful to be able to draw spells from the Chronogem. From Ben's theory, he noted Chronos was able to watch Ash from the pocket watch. What if he also contorted time and space to Ash while he was watching him? When getting knocked off of Aion in Chapter 2, you travel all the way back to before Valdor was destroyed. Didn't Chronos sacrifice all his magic to trap Ezra? He may have used the power in the pocket watch to send Ash back, maybe being able to send him back all the way. Chronos is even strong enough to destroy the meteors.
    A tiny side theory:
    I think Chronos wanted to actually send you back to his flashbacks in Chapter 10 but the pocket watch was not strong enough. This was an easy way for Ash to view the flashbacks without you having to trust Chronos and Chronos taking a chance. Unfourtanetly, Ash ended up going a bit farther than he expected and Ash ended up watching Chronos destroy Valdor.


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      We know that the watch is capable of manipulating time, but not on its own. As I mentioned before, I believe that no matter who possesses it, Chronos is in charge of the time movements. Why do I believe this? The first time-move, like Nycto stated, was only ~5 minutes. Enough to make Ash realize what was done, but no major changes. Then Ash falls off of Aion. Chronos sends Ash to the exact point in time when Valdor is destroyed. Why? So Ash understands what led up to its destruction. We see it as Chronos being a jerk, but he sees it as explaining that Janus was willing to kill his own men instead of sacrificing himself for the kingdom. Maybe he feels that display of power would tempt Ash.

      Chronos is also unable to travel through time due to his power limitations after Ezra, and he wants to see what happened when Riley took Ash. But jumping back to chapter 5, Chronos was still limited after the fight with Ezra. He couldn't freeze time through the watch to stop Ash from being hit by a meteor, and you didn't know what to do to stop it. So hearing where Ash was, Chronos showed up to fix it in person.

      But further, Chronos would have had to control time for Ash. The hooded man asked Ash if Ash turned back time. How would he know? Only if he saw Chronos change it. Otherwise, that future never would've happened.

      What else can it do? Obviously it is one of the few remaining bridges to the human world. I also know it from chapter 8 that it is powerful enough to freeze time, and that time freeze can affect its holder. Right after that incident, Chronos gives Ash the Chronowand. I've often wondered its purpose, and I finally have a theory- Chronos became scared at realizing that Ash could be controlled by someone else, and the wand, with a piece of the chronogem, may affect your ability to control whoever is holding it- in this case, Ash. It's possible (Roger path) that Ignis is carrying a piece of the gem if he is working with Chronos as well, so he sees time being frozen (forgive me, it's been weeks since I tried that path. Finally, the watch can appear differently to humans than to Alyncians. Early on, Petora is suspicious when she sees nothing. In Chapter 9, Portia understands that it's a human artifact, and warns that it doesn't broadcast a magic signal. However, in chapter 2, Morty licks the watch. He knows that something is magical about it now. And one other person comments on the "pretty blue glyph/ signal" that comes out of it. Perhaps that's a sign that it looks different to non-Alyncians.
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        Congratulations to this week's winner Nyctofrost! I will be PMing you with details about how to get your time crystals. If anyone missed this question and wants to give their theory, I would love to read about it! I'm looking forward to seeing your theories next week!


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          Congrats, Nyctofrost.