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Weekly Question: Who else is behind The Door?

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  • Weekly Question: Who else is behind The Door?

    We have seen A.C., Riley, and Helena and Julius Timecrest behind the door, but who else lurks behind there? What evils (or goods) will come out after we open the door? Best theory gets 300 Time Crystals, if we get 5 theories, we will have a second place winner of 100 Time Crystals, and if we have 8 theories, we will have a random prize of 50 Time Crystals! So, without further ado, fire away!!!

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    I think it's scarlet because when she was revived she was just a bone with no soul ( I think because she never talks and can be commanded to do anything like Elise's magic ) and Ignis wants her to be fully revived so he worked with Chronos to open the door so that her soul can get out of the door and her resurrection to be perfect.

    By the way sorry about my last post ( the one I copied off Ragnarok's post ) it's just a joke don't take it too seriously/personally.


    • ChristineMoon
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      Great theory re: Scarlet being a puppet!

    • South
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      If that copy thingy is a joke to you, then I don't like your sense of humor. But good theory for this week.

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    I believe the door will show the person that is most desired to be there.

    When we trust Luthor to save Ash, it's their parents.
    If We chose to go with Riley, but don't trust Luthor, it's Riley.
    If we chose to go with Roger, but don't trust Luthor, it's AC.

    As such, it all depends on who is Opening the door.

    Ignis - Scarlet
    Ezra - Maybe Alvin, is he dead? but has found a way to orchestrate all of this from beyond the grave?
    Riley - Her mother


    • South
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      I am still curious about Luthor's role for who will Ash see behind the door.

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    Who is behind the door? So far, the dead relatives of people in power. By that logic, we can assume the Rhineheart Princess, perhaps the Queen of Valdor, Iris, maybe even Elise's relative. Scarlet was definitely there, until Ignis released her. But was he a person of power?

    Of course- he invented the Ignis amulet, and his sister truly was a master of fire. But what was the cost? In Scarlet's case, it was the town of Wispy Brook, as well as mages both in the caves and in Timecrest. Why? Keeping a resurrected soul alive requires mages blood just as much as keeping Aion afloat requires Riley's blood.

    EDIT- when I originally wrote this, I deleted the whole thing, and remembered this part. Because it now seems similar to Johnny's, I don't think it's fair to count towards my final theory, but I needed to add it.

    I believe that whatever is behind that door is not real- simply an illusion to bribe Ash into trading (his?) soul. Why do I feel this? Because of who is behind the door. If you choose to trust Chronos, you meet the parents. But there's a chance just having Chronos as a brother isn't enough to cause you to feel connected to a past you don't remember. So, the powers that be needed to up the ante. Instead of strangers, they show you something much more important- the person that died because of Ash's decision!! The guilt of knowing that you caused this death would force you (Ash) to reconsider life. But the fact that the person changes just proves that none of it is real, that the person won't truly come back. Unfortunately, this is for us to know, but not Ash.

    When Ash talks to Ezra, Ash says (he) wants to bring Riley back. Ezra replies "what makes you think that Riley wants to come back?" Why would she not want to come back? One of 2 reasons: Either she knows that she will become a puppet to an unknown master (like Scarlet), or because those around her will be cursed/ hurt. We haven't seen what caused Riley's mother's death, but what if she was behind the door? Perhaps the Valdorian disease, causing gruesome deaths at the hands of friends and family, was a punishment for bringing her back. Riley would have witnessed this firsthand and wants to avoid a similar fate for others she cares about. This is why her father considered her a weakling- because she would never choose her desire over the needs of the world.

    As the story says, there is a high price for resurrection. The universe does not let go of the dead easily. We can only hope Ash is as willing to sacrifice happiness for the greater good as Riley was.

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    • Nyctofrost
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      I just had another question: Why would Riley's mother kill herself? Was it because she hated Janus?

    • Ben
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      Actually Johnny Riley's mother did not commit suicide, Janus murdered her. If you (another spoiler plot point here) kill Janus and tell Riley about it, she tells you that she doesn't have any love for him and that he murdered her mother and blamed it on the Valdorian Disease.

    • JohnnyValdezi
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      No, check the Last Words chapter
      Soon after, Father announced you died from a diseas. I guess taking your life was disgraceful, and not fitting for the Queen of Valdor.
      This was even the chapter that cowbunny told me to look at.
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    There's multiple people behind the door
    There's the mysterious Red Person (Who, from my previous theories, I speculate to be Alvin )
    Riley (If you don't trust Chronos and you went to Valdor)
    A.C (If you don't trust Chronos and you went to Windsorhowl)
    Ash's real mother and father (If you trust Chronos)
    And the one I thought about a while ago, and which has been mentioned in one of these posts, as black mage arkhan pointed out, when Scarlet is revived, she is more like a puppet than a person. So while her body is still alive, her soul is behind the door.
    This post proves something that Unclechawie said, the person behind the door is the person the viewer most desires.

    This is proved with Riley and A.C first
    Ash had seen a few deaths at this point, but those were mages in the trials being torched to ashes, so when A.C or Riley die, they're the most important, the person Ash wants back the most.
    Next it can be proved with Ash's real parents
    When you choose to trust Chronos, you get a few flashbacks of Ash's first few years, showing a family that cares for each other. But wait, Ash wouldn't be so emotionally connected with them to see those two isntead of the dead friend, right?
    While yes, you're right, but Ash always wanted to be with his/her real family, and this shows us they look like and what they behave like, more than likely making Ash want them back the most, because it's a chance to be with his/her real parents.
    We can also prove this with Scarlet
    While having never met Scarlet, Ash wouldn't want her back, but Ignis does, why else would he want that door open? He went insane over her death, spent years trying to bring her back, then when meeting people again, kills them, all to avenge Scarlet. That's showing signs of grief-induced-insanity, something that would make someone want to bring them back.

    This proves that it depends on the viewer, but, that's not the entire question.
    The other part is what goods and/or evils might come out

    Well, we'd have our dead friend, Ignis would have Scarlet, and Chronos can get his and Ash's parents.
    But we're forgetting someone, the red text. An enemy so powerful that they had to use a mystical door to stop its power, possibly betrayed by his friends and those he loved, and all those years made him want revenge, a feeling of anger and rage so powerful, that it's replaced all, making him want freedom, and to destroy all of Alyncia.

    This is the line where I'd make a Game Theory reference, but I'm too cringy and annoyed with myself to do it.


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      Hey South and Nyctofrost... We need one more theory. I know at least one of you is good to add a theory in before Sunday.


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        Hellooo, sorry I've been on holidays
        Not sure if I've got the wrong idea but the dead behind the door don't seem like it's their actual physical form behind the door but rather an image or their spirit? or being? that is behind the door.. which leads to my theory:

        Scarlet could also be behind the door because to me she seems partly dead. Not-so-much Scarlet being a puppet as proposed above but more like Sol Ignis sacrificed himself or rather his conscience or soul-type part of him to bring back Scarlet. As the price must be sufficient to bring back the dead and dark magic cannot possibly turn out well, I think that Sol and Scarlet are both not really living.

        Sol does not seem like the Master of Fire that Ash was inspired by in the past because of this soul sacrifice (almost like his warm heart which once was capable of love and fire is gone) and Scarlet's dead body can be "alive" and talking as it has Sol's soul/heart.

        In this way, not only will Scarlet be behind the door but also Sol Ignis or their 'beings/spirits'.
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          I have a habit of procrastinating. I always forget, so don't always count on me, ChristineMoon
          I think the door shows the person the person opening the door wants. For Ash, when Riley dies and Ash does not meet his parents in Luthor's flashbacks, Ash sees Riley. Throughout the game, we see Ash and Riley grow to close friends. When Riley dies, Ash tries to kill himself. Ash also does that when A.C dies, meaning Ash cared for them a lot. However, after Ash was showed the past and his parents, Ash may hay have been filled with longing to finally meet with his parents.
          Sorry my first part is kind of like Unclechawie's theory. I have more proof.
          It is already evident that Luthor saw his parents. By the way how Luthor showed Ash the things in chapter 10, Luthor might have done this just for Ash to see his parents through the door. Ash was also healed during this. However, when we did not trust Chronos, Ash was not healed with the door in front of him. Luthor must have realized that without your consent, Ash cannot pull into his memories and see his parents behind the door, so he might have just left Ash go. We know Luthor also loved his parents, evident when Luthor destroyed an entire kingdom just to take revenge. Seeing people behind the door may also be important for Chronos's plan to work, so he tried to make Ash see his parents by showing him the events, and may also make Ash want his parents.


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            Congratulations to this weeks winner ChristineMoon and our second place winner JohnnyValdezi! I will be PMing you with how to receive your time crystals. Until next time, great theories everyone, and I think you'll really enjoy our next one!


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              Thank you so much! And great theories, everyone!