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    1Please realize that English isn't my first language. Did that? Lets start.

    So Timecrest. I found about it on I need to tell you that I was really bored at the time and was looking for something to try, so when I started it wasn't because I was interested in the game, more then anything I thought it would be boring, something to pick up and play on days like this. I went on the App Store, looked at Timecrest's description and I wasn't sure what it would be like. Would it be traditional game book style, or something new? That's basically how the game got onto my iOS.

    Prologue. (two famous lines:
    I can sense a connection now.
    Hi there, can you read me?)
    Here we are, just started the game. And we already been told that Ash is dying. To be honest with you, I didn't really care if he did die. I didn't know him that well back then. Just as he dies, I see an option to turn back time. I click on that and, connection lost, 30 seconds. Soon I will learn that it will become really annoying later on.
    Chapter 1. Everybody got to start somewhere... Ok. We start hearing Ash complaining to himself how he can't learn any spells. First time I've heard it, it raised a bunch of questions. Not necessarily related to whatever ash was talking about. First, what is Ashes gender? Second, how old is he or she. Third, do they remember dying? So, I start talking to him, and find out that he's from a world called Alyncia. Oh, and he needs my help. I said nice to meet you Ash, and hear that I need there help. First time I played, I asked if it's from the meteors that are about to descend. I was kind of surprised when Ash said no. Then I got a history lesson. It was first time we see Chronos, a Mage who can control time, as a savior. (I find it ironic that the guy has The same name as a Greek titan Lord. That guy can control time as well, And that kind of affected my opinion about the games character.) I told him that I think it'll happen in the future, and this is where we get rudely interrupted by a man disintegrating an apple tree. When he asks if Ash turned back time, I'll admit, it surprised me. Ash didn't give me any time to think though. He asked me where should he run. I chose the library, because, like I said, the less I have to do with Chronos the happier I am. I wasn't that desperate to go looking for help to Riley, not yet, anyway.
    The grand library. If you were wondering what spell I chose when I played for the game for the first time? It was Levitas. First error. At some point, Ash will say that having time magic is so cool. Watch the following:
    Me: I'm not that special.
    Ash: Oh I see. Do humans all know time magic? Only Master Chronos is known to have that ability in Alyncia so, at least in my world, you're totally special.
    Me: Yeah, all humans can use time magic.
    Ash: Wow. we Alyncians have a thing or two to learn then. Master Chronos is one of, if not the most powerful mage in Alyncia, because of his ability to control time. And you're telling me your world is filled with people as strong as Master Chronos.
    Maybe that's part of the reason why connecting to your world is forbidden. We Alyncian mages don't want to get stomped by your abilities. So how do your abilities work? Can you give me a demonstration?
    Me: I can't. I'm new to this power and find that I can only randomly do it.
    Ash: It's a new power? I wonder if other humans are having the same issue as you.
    I would tell you not to worry about this issue, but I'm no expert on this as you can tell. The fact that you have this power is amazing already since you told me no other human can even cast any magic! Didn't I tell him exactly the opposite of that? And again a hooded man shows up. I tell Ash to sneak away. This is getting really boring, I think to myself. I'm not a fleeing type. I would rather stay and fight then run. I've met A.C, and made Ash say that he's sorry. The way you collect gold surprised me to say the least. Oh, we're teaching you how to use your magic, and we are paying you to learn how to use it. Shouldn't it be the other way around? (Imagine been paid $50 a day to go to school or college... Yup. I want to be a Mage). Next stop, Levitas. Ash learns it, and I think this is when I started connecting to him. I think he's a guy, anyway. A question to anyone but the Devs, when you started playing, what gender did Ash assume in your mind? If a girl, tell me why. Then I'm being told about princess Riley following me around, but I didn't really buy it. I can't tell you why, I just didn't believe it. (Let's see how much gold I have right now. hmmm. 1315. Not bad! That's more than what I thought I had. Perhaps this needs to be changed? Clearly he's 1 of the richest in the guild.) I don't remember much other then that. I remember being annoyed that Ash ran away again, though. That's it for now guys. Post away. Let me know what you think. .

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    Welcome, I always love meeting new members here! May I ask where you're from?

    The Devs never said what Ash was- they want you to feel closer to Ash based on how you see him/ her. (Most of us say guy).

    As far as spell choices go, Ash can choose between 2- Levitas or Gravitas. You, the player, can control time. (There are a few other spells to learn later on).

    And you're lucky to have earned so much money. I play all the time, and never save. I don't like spending on teleport orbs, but when you reach part 2, you will spend a lot on potions.

    But it as you keep playing, you'll understand so much more- why Riley follows Ash, what's going on with the hooded guy, that your answer about all humans having magic was a lie, that "Chronos" is more of a title for the time ability than a name, and even where the guild gets all that money to pay the mages.

    I love text based games, but if you don't understand the relationships between everyone, it can be hard to really enjoy it. I'm on about my 5th playthrough, and I find new things every time.

    I hope you keep trying, and come back with more questions/ thoughts. I always read someone's post, and get excited to find a new path. And the weekly question gives you a chance to earn time crystals, to speed the game along or to trade in for more cash (not that you need it yet).

    Good luck!!


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      I always think Ash is a boy.
      For the riley part, ChristineMoon's reply pretty much the same with my thoughts.
      last, sometimes when Ash ran away, it was a good thing (he could be dead if he didn't run).

      Keep playing and repeat to know more and more about Ash and his world.