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New goal: 16 runs

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  • New goal: 16 runs

    I keep finding new things every time I play. And eventually I'll bite the bullet and choose the more expensive/ painful paths. My goal is to do all of the following before part 3:

    Levitas, with Lyall and Valdor scenes
    Lev, just Lyall scene
    Lev, just Valdor scene
    Lev without Lyall/ Valdor scenes

    Repeat with Gravitas (total of 8)
    Play all of the above against the 2 possible chapter 8 paths (total of 16).

    Hope that by the time I'm done I'll have unlocked most of the secrets. Ben, I know you've played enough to do it.... Do you (or anyone else) have any words of wisdom?

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    Oops- I just realized I forgot the 2 choices at the door. I guess that's 32, not including whether or not you trust Ash.

    Yeah, this make take a while...


    • cowbunny
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      Good luck! You'll have a leg up when you want to try all of those in future editions of Timecrest!

    • ChristineMoon
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      Thanks, cowbunny. I'm looking forward to it.

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    If I were you, it would be frustating for me to restart the game 32 times. I could do 13 runs only, but I know this is your target. Good luck!
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      Well the good part is you only have to do the first half 8 times. The rest are variations of part 2.


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        My best advice is to have one run where you get every achievement in Timecrest 1 with Gravitas Magnus and one where you use Levitas Magnus. Then try to do the same thing with Levitas and Gravitas just by themselves and explore what changes it makes. Then run through Timecrest 2 with all of those different achievements, I guarantee if you haven't yet, you will discover quite a few things you never experienced before. Also for one particularly interesting scene (if you haven't seen it already), go to the Timecrest Theories and Discoveries page and check my Being of Light entry. Around there will be instructions on how to get to the scene as well. There is some very interesting backstory there, and is really amazing if you haven't experienced it already. For Timecrest 2, there are very few scenes you will see by withholding certain achievements, but one that immediately comes to mind is to try and run through everything without killing Janus. Then explore a bit and you will find a couple interesting scenes. Also, the key to racking up a lot of the achievements is in Chapter 4. Make sure you do EVERYTHING, even when it seems completely counterintuitive or impossible using a linear view of time. You'll know what I mean when you see it. I'm really glad to see that you have high aspirations, and I am excited to hear about what you find and see what effect it has on your ideas and theories! Let me know if you have any other questions, and an answer exists (well to anyone but the developer), then I will answer it


        • ChristineMoon
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          I've been doing just part 2 runs. It just occurred to me that I never factored in how the story would change if you didn't meet Ezra in chapter 3. Uggghhh.... I'm afraid of how it will change the end. But now I have to try it.

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        I used to hate killing Janus, until I found that there's a reward in chapter 5 if you take that route. I hesitate to destroy Lyall, because I know there's a bit of reward (bet) in chapter 9. Yeah, I'm greedy. One day, I'll take the poor route.

        On my last and current plays, I've taken the longest path through the cave, and followed/ will follow it up with a long visit to Ezra after Riley's death. I highly recommend it to everyone- your patience will be rewarded.


        • Ben
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          There will come a time when your curiosity gets the better of you, and you'll head to Lyall. My suggestion, put on fast mode and just let it run, it is one of the saddest things you'll ever read. Maybe sometime look at it, but I never like reading that dialogue...

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        One thing I have done to speed it up a bit is play part 1 (call it Game A) and then restart part 1 with a different path (Game B). This way, by the time I beat Game B with 24 hours of connection lost time, I go back to game A and play The Door on that one.