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  • Levels of Spells

    Throughout the story, I noticed that there were different levels of spells (kinda obvious.) If we could sort them out, could that be added to the Alyncipedia? Just wondering.

    I have a list of the levels which I think goes in order:
    (Basic spell)
    (Basic spell) magnus |(Basic spell) melior magnus
    (Basic spell) magnus: (Spell use) |(Basic spell) melior magnus: (Spell use)

    The melior magnus spells are the strongest. I've seen Riley Valdor use Fleur Melior Magnus: Lancecaster. Alan used Aquatas Melior Magnus: Water Dragon. For the magnus spells, Ash knows one near the end. I'm not sure if spells can be both magnus and melior magnus, or they are just sorted into two different categories.

    Due to the spoiler tags/forum code, this list might be a bit confusing. Magnus evolves into (Basic spell) magnus : (Spell use) and Melior Magnus evolves into (Basic spell) melior magnus : (Spell use).
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    What about (Basic Spell) Ultimas?


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      Originally posted by JohnnyValdezi View Post
      What about (Basic Spell) Ultimas?
      It's Ultimus.