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What does Griffin egg taste like

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  • What does Griffin egg taste like

    I want to know what does Griffin Egg taste like.

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    I always imagine the eggs taste are the same with chicken's eggs but the size are much much bigger (like dino egg 😂).


    • ChristineMoon
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      Whether it's frog legs, gator, or griffin, when you don't know, it's always safe to say "tastes like chicken (eggs)".

    • South
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      But that is what came to my mind when I read this question, GIANT CHICKEN EGGS! (I alr tasted the frog legs, and it tasted different that chicken lol 😂)

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    Griffin Eggs are gamey. The yolks are thicker than chicken eggs and a brighter more vibrant yellow. They do not cook white but beige (due to being nutrient dense). The "white" of the egg is very typical for an egg but slightly sweeter. The yolk is thick and gamey like I mentioned earlier. But they have a distinct rich flavor that is truly unique to Griffin eggs. The closest thing is trying quail eggs but think much larger.
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