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WIN 100 TIME CRYSTALS! (Forum Contest 2-13-2016 to 2 -26-2016)

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  • WIN 100 TIME CRYSTALS! (Forum Contest 2-13-2016 to 2 -26-2016)

    Winners have been selected!
    Contest is now closed!

    Hello Timecresters and welcome to our fourth forum contest!

    This week's event will again be giving the best answer to the question below for a chance to win 100 Time Crystals!
    There will also be a participant randomly selected at the end of the event winning 50 Time Crystals!

    Rules and Information:
    - You may post multiple times but your entry will be only counted once.
    - Members are encouraged but not required to respond to other member's posts.
    - Posts must be relevant to the event or will not be counted as an entry.
    - Try to give the most thoughtful answer possible for the best chance to win.
    - We will direct PM your account if you are selected as a winner by the end of the contest.
    - Contest will end on February 26th, 2016.
    - Have fun!
    - Posts below may contain spoilers.

    Forum Question: What mystery/question do you want to see answered in Timecrest 2 and why?
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    I just started not long ago but, whose eye is looking through the lock? And to answer the contest question,
    I want to know if we can merge the timelines. Like a glimpse of each other's world. Or why we can't. I think it would be cool if part of the game was mixed with a common place on our world.


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      The mystery I want answered is about the man with the emerald dragon when you go back in time.

      This part has always interested and confused me. This random man lives out in the woods on a floating mountain with a dragon as a pet or friend. Ash obviously realized the power and importance this man has or he wouldn't have crawled after him when the man had just beat him up badly.

      This man obviously does not like the people of Alyncia because he says multiple times that people are terrible as there is no hope for them. It is only when Ash explains that people are terrible, yes, but there are some of them who aren't and that gives him hope that the man finally listens and doesn't just teleport Ash away.

      On a recent play through, I was finally able to get the man to train Ash, which I was ecstatic about. I had tried every single option to try and get this man to talk to Ash. Finally I was able to move forward with him rather than just fading away.

      But the most interesting part of that experience was after he taught Ash was the comment he made. He told Ash to find him on Mount Asura. The only thing on that mountain that we know of is the Chronogem, which has the first Mage trapped in it.

      Is this man the first Mage? Or is he someone else entirely? How was he able to befriend a dragon? Why did he hate the people of Alyncia? What was he doing on Mount Asura? There are so many things I want to know about this man.


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        I suppose it would be too obvious to say Ash and his relationship to Luthor Timecrest. That's something that's bound to come up. I do wonder what exactly that is, however. They share eye color, but Chronos seems too young to have been his father. A cousin or brother, then?

        Ash is descended from humans, which has been shunned since the destruction of Valdor. Why, though? What involvement did humans have? Since Chronos is so revered, I presume most do not know what truly happened. In that case, the blame was pinned on someone or something. Did Chronos blame the humans?

        Where exactly was Ash when the destruction of Valdor occurred? Was he even alive, at that point? Riley had apparently given him to his adoptive parents. As they did not have much reason to lie, I can only assume that what they said was true. If so, why would she do that? Was it under the order of Chronos?

        Honestly, I am most curious about the Guildmasters and their involvement in all of this. If am correct, the little girl seen in the past collecting flowers was a young Petora. She was helped by a younger Chronos. She also had a room at Chronos' place on Aion. So, where does she fit in? Why help Chronos with whatever his scheme was?

        In a play through, she and one of the other Guildmasters helped kill Ash. They cornered him in what I think may have been the ruins of Valdor. I can't remember which one it was, but another Guildmaster was involved in Chronos' plans. Petora, I understand, may feel indebted to Chronos. She may be legitimately loyal. Why would the other one help? If they killed Ash for likely knowing too much, how many other unimportant young mages have they killed? Why would Chronos order that his own relative be killed? I am assuming that Chronos did know about Ash's death.

        I do hope at least some of these are answered.
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          Glad I didn't miss this! Work has been so busy. :P Btw, the posts are really making me wish even harder that Timecrest 2 is out already! Devs ^-^

          *Spoilers Below*

          For me, I want to understand the relationship between the characters better.Wow, so glad I didn't miss this! Work has been so busy lately. :P Btw, reading these posts makes me wish even harder that Timecrest 2 is out already! Devs? ^-^

          *Spoilers Below*

          For me, I'm curious as to all the relationships between the characters.

          Laytheron I think you're right that Petora is the flower girl Chronos helped in Valdor-past. I want to know what his relationship with her is currently as well as with all the other Guildmasters.
          What's interesting is also Riley's relationship to Chronos, why she took baby Ash to Lyall and what's her relationship and thoughts on Ash in general.

          Lostblondeprincess It also took me a few playthroughs before getting the guy on the dragon to train me. Another difference I noticed during my playthroughs is when I stayed in the cave and cooked for him, he told me his name is Ezra.

          Crestor789 I'm not sure there is mention of the eye in Timecrest 1 unless I missed something. But I'm super curious why they have cooking for the next one.

          P.S. Devs please release Timecrest 2 soon!!!


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            It seems you guys have really mentioned all of the big ticket mysteries. So I'll add a small one. Who is the hooded man, and why does he have a Valdorian tattoo? If Valdor was destroyed, what does it mean that someone from Valdor is running around? If Riley is from Valdor, I guess it makes sense she's working with the Valdorian tattoo guy?


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              prismanac I wouldn't call him a small mystery. He tried to kill Ash, multiple times. As is, he's probably connected to the big mystery of what happened in Valdor and who Luthor Timecrest really is. As for why he is alive, I think I have some ideas. It's understood that Chronos likely killed them. That is taking into account that we don't yet know the full of it. However, he did something. He kept Riley alive and forced her to help him by keeping her father hostage. It should be a given that he spared those he wanted to. The potential ruler and current ruler were definitely important. It's possible that the man with the tattoo is, as well. He might be some sort of bodyguard or memeber of a secret Valdorian Order. Who knows? More might be alive and wear the tattoo as symbol.
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                SPOILER WARNING

                The hooded guy another Guildmaster. I don't remember his name at the moment but if you get one of the wrong endings in Valdor or in Chronos's palace, he reveals himself to be a Guildmaster (again his name is escaping me at the moment).


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                  SPOILER WARNING

                  You're right. I do remember that. I saw it in the ending where Guildmaster Petora and he killed Ash. I can't remember his name, either.


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                    i want to know why ash is such a good cook like sangi soooo cool


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                      Congratulations to the winners!
                      After review and consideration, we have determined that Laytheron is the winner of 100 Time Crystals & Petora-chan has been randomly selected to win 50 Time Crystals!
                      I will be PMing both these users shortly with information on how to receive their rewards!
                      Thank you all for participating in the fourth forum contest!
                      Good luck in the next event!


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                        Oh wow! I'm so happy I won one!!! I've been trying to save up resources for Timecrest 2 and I'll definitely put these crystals to good use. ^-^

                        Congrats @ Laytheron too!


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                          I actually won something? Great! Thank you, Sneaky Crab! Likewise, I'll put them to good use. Congratulations, Petora-chan, as well.