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    I know there are a lot of questions that will be answered in the next play through or part 3. But what (maybe not answered) are you wondering about? I have a ton, but at the moment:

    Why would Riley push Ash? And if she was hypnotized, who can control her?

    How can Chronos power that "silver tome"?

    What questions can you add?

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    1. Why no one found out, for long time there is Emerald Dragon flying near mount asura?
    2. Is there any way to bring people from our world to Alyncia except Nexutas Ultimus? Because I dont think there are many people knew that spells.
    3. Why chronos don't clear the meteor sooner? He can do it easily.

    I'll wait the next Timecrest patiently. (Can we get the release date? Jk lol)


    • South
      South commented
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      1. I remember (or my hallucinations?) that Ash saw the dragon in the present time at mount asura.

      2. Just try to complete the Ezra memory 😀

    • JohnnyValdezi
      JohnnyValdezi commented
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      I've reached Birthday in Ezra's memories.

      Can confirm, humans do not walk in, and technology wasn't just dragged through with them.
      I don't know how it works. Maybe it'll be answered soon.

    • ChristineMoon
      ChristineMoon commented
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      South- I just found a hungry dragon on Asura. You were absolutely correct.

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    One that itched at me for a while was how Ash walks on Mount Asura in Chapter 5.

    Everyone says it's in a place of frozen time, a place that people without time magic can't walk on, but Ash clearly can. Is this our doing? Is it because Chronos is related to Ash?


    • South
      South commented
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      Or maybe becuse he carried the pocket watch, we don't know.