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TIMECREST MASTER TRIVIA: Heartbreak - 500 Time Crystal Reward!

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    Originally posted by LardAssTas Magnus View Post
    I can't figure out how to comment directly on #25 from my iPhone, but I just wanted to say to those who are complaining that the music is too loud and so they turn it off: why not just turn it down in the game's settings? There is a specific setting for music volume, right there in the settings for the game to address this very problem.

    as for trying to win, I'm only on my first Playthru and up to chapter 10, so I'm sure I haven't heard every occasion yet, so I can only say that it's when Ash's parents die in chapter 4 (although I'm just doing that on hearsay), and of course the guaranteed one, where the princess kicks it in chapter 9.
    So I believe that the music volume option may only be available for VoiceOver users. We focused on testing it and its effects and interaction with VoiceOver. It is possible to port the volume feature over to everyone else once we have some additional time to test. If it's a feature that people want (Johnny?) we can look to add it sometime in the future.


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      I have pretty busy lately so I can't come on often. However, I was playing a tiny bit through Timecrest and I think I found the last part where Heartbreak plays.
      Heartbreak plays three times in the whole game. It plays when Riley Valdor dies, when Ash's parents die in chapter 4, and when you revisit Lyall in chapter 9 after Ash's parents die and Ash survives during chapter 4.


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        Congrats Nyctofrost! This was a hard one.

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      AND WE HAVE OUR WINNER!!! CONGRATULATIONS NYCTOFROST!!! You will be receiving the special code to redeem your 500 Time Crystals. Again, the greatest congratulations to you!!!


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        Congrats, Nyctofrost!! I've been dying to know the answer, and I'm glad to see a regular user (and Timecrest junkie) win it.


        • Nyctofrost
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          The first day I got Timecrest, I spent the whole day playing it. That is how much I love the game. It's also the most well-made choice game in the entire app store in my opinion.

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          Seconded, and I have been playing for over 18 months, just slightly after the posting of the game. And let me just say, things have changed A LOT since then It is really nice to see not only the game evolve, but the community as well