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Weekly Question: Is Luthor Timecrest really dead?

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  • Weekly Question: Is Luthor Timecrest really dead?

    "Remember, I am not Luthor anymore." Is this true? Who, or what, finally killed or broke him? When and why did he step up to become Chronos? Because of vengeance? Loss? Or was there even a purpose? And if that is true, why did he intervene? Perhaps he is dead, or perhaps he is forgotten. What are your thoughts? Who is Luthor, and who is Chronos, for that matter? As with every question, the best theory gets 300 Time Crystals! And starting this week, we will be giving out 100 Time Crystals to a second place contestant, and, if we have enough posts, we will be giving out a random participation award, so now everyone has a chance to win!!! I can't wait to see your theories! And without further ado... fire away!!!
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    I think the snap happened when he was young.

    Think about it, when he was young, Luthor saw his parents dead, killed by Janus, and then his younger sibling, Ash suddenly disappears without anything being told to Luthor. Then you can see it really take a toll on him in Chapter 3. He just goes on a murderous rampage, he talks like he's crazy and he even has the crazy laugh, not to mention all the other enemies he would've had to deal with that we weren't aware of. Then during the fight with Ezra, as we all know, the meteors struck, and he froze them. At that point, he was called Chronos.

    Maybe Luthor isn't dead, but he's hiding deep inside, trying to escape this new life, just wanting his old one back.

    By the way, good idea to give participation crystals, I've been winning a lot, and I remember with Sashi used to win all the time. So the participation ones mean you still have a chance for trying, which I don't mind.


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      Nah, I don't believe he is dead. I don't know why. When the first time he said Luthor is dead, I never believe it.

      If Luthor died, how can he had the same way thinking about food with Ash?
      If Luthor died, why Petora calling him "Luthor" and he don't get angry?
      If Luthor died, why he helped Ash in the last chapter?
      If Luthor died, why the next Timecrest will be "Luthor Timecrest"?

      all the pain he got maybe changed him, but I never think someone personality can be dead.


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        I do not think Luthor Timecrest is dead.
        I just think Luthor wants genuine happiness again after his parents got murdered.

        Riley still sometimes called Chronos, Luthor, and throughout the route where A.C dies, Ash shouts at Riley to leave him and he was not risking another friend. Riley then says that Ash has inherited his brother's cruel side too. One thing though- if Luthor was his brother, and Chronos and Luthor are different, then is Chronos Ash's brother?
        The answer is no, and that is why that what Riley said matters.
        In the story, people do not talk like Luthor is dead. If a person is dead, everyone would talk about them gravely, or as if there is sadness.
        But the tone of Riley? Maybe anger. No sadness. Maybe a little sadness for Ash, but none for Luthor.
        Riley still sees Luthor in Chronos, and that also explains her words to Ash,"Do not hate Luthor."
        Riley and Luthor were close friends in the past.

        Also, if Luthor was really dead, would he still have shown Ash the flashbacks?
        Maybe Chronos wanted Ash to bring Luthor back.


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          Nah. Mine was rushed this week and I barely have anything solid. Easily was the worst one in the week.

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          If you win last time, you probably won again. I kind A rushed things too. I'm only here for participating award and second place. But South probably beat me.

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          Told you yours was better

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        Luthor is still alive and I think we see moments of him coming out.

        The advice that Chronos gives Ash concerning not pursuing Ignis because of the danger of Ignis. When he shows Ash the laptop I think he was genuinely sharing a passion with his brother. Then also giving Ash the Infinity Pouch. He also shares the flashbacks with Ash, although this may be a ploy to get Ash's emotions to make a decision toward resurrecting his parents. As Ezra said with Riley, "How do you know she wants to come back?"

        But I think when Chronos intervenes when Ignis attempts to kill Ash. I think that he didn't have to do that. Although it may be that the watch was what he was trying to save.

        Then Chronos wants Ash to join his cause. I think that deep down Luthor wants Ash to be part of his plan so that he can avoid having to kill Ash.

        Ignis tells Ash that Chronos will eventually despise him for his weakness. I think that this is a hint that Ignis is saying that Chronos admires his brother still but Ignis believes the moment that Chronos meets Ash he will despise him for his weakness.

        We we also see Luthor's care and protection of Riley. Riley seems to still believe that Luthor is there. She must have seems remenants of the old Luthor now and then.

        Petora would be my last clue. She admires Luthor. I believe that she was the flower girl that he saved from the guards. She must continue to see the Luthor that saved her. We see that they have a moment on Aion before interrupted. So I think that she continues to follow him because she continues to see the same Luthor she knew.

        So I think that Luthor is still there. Although Chronos seems to have done a good job at suppressing him.


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          Congratulations to our winner Nyctofrost!!! You will be receiving a PM regarding how to receive your 300 Time Crystals! And congratulations to our second place winner Sashimioishi, who will recieve 100 Time Crystals!!! Thanks to everyone who participated this week and I can't wait to see your responses to our question next week!