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Weekly Question: If you could give Ash one piece of advice, what would it be?

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  • Weekly Question: If you could give Ash one piece of advice, what would it be?

    We have gone with Ash on his journeys through Alyncia countless times. We have had a lot of times where you and Ash were in perfect sync, he and you made decisions together, and everything went your way. But there were other times where you wished he would have acted differently. Whether it was his jumping into battle without thinking, yelling at friends and not listening to others trying to help, no matter what it is, we have all wanted to just tell Ash to really change his tune or think a little more. Out of all that you could have told him, what one piece of advice would you give him if you could? Also post where you would give him this advice if there is a specific time. As with every week, the best answer gets 300 Time Crystals! And without further ado, fire away!

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    Don't being too naive, think more rationally and put skepticism and critical thinking in your mind (I still feel annoyed when you being stubborn about imposter thingy. Not all people who seems good are good, you know). Don't think too much about other people, you must think about yourself too (I couldn't said anything when you ran to Chronos to stop him from killing people when we both know you can't beat him) . Don't be hard to Chronos, he is still your brother even he said the Luthor side is dead (I believe Luthor is still alive, and you kept angry when we met him). Last, I hope you can be more honest to your friends (Roger, A.C, Riley, and Elise). I think they can be trusted about our forbidden connection, you as the Chronos' brother, and other stuff.
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      Honestly, I think we can all relate to at least one thing South said, Ash is too naive, which risks Ash's life as well as the rest of Team 13 in Windsorhowl. Honesty has also been an issue, in Chapter 10, Roger leaves the team, for one reason, because he's unable to trust Ash, because he wants the truth.

      Ash is too trusting, immediatly inviting Elise into the team then wanting to ask Conner and his team join too. Another thing South pointed out is Ash's thinking, or as we've all thought while playing, lack there of, Ash makes decisions that could easily end it all, which can be ok at some points, but others can get Ash in serious pain.

      So for the one piece of advice I'd give Ash...
      Honestly, all the things I've mentioned in this list has come down to how Ash thinks. So my one piece of advice to Ash would be to think his decisions out a little more carefully, as many things Ash has done to mess up would've been ok if Ash had just taken a quick moment to think about it.


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        In a lot of ways Ash is neive but then again he thinks with his heart and not his brain. He needs to think things through rather than react first and suffer the concequences afterwards.
        Unfortunately he will have to learn the hard way. I have a feeling his brother was just like him when he was younger and that is why he is the way he is.
        I am at the part where Reily has died. So I don't know a lot of the story, this is just what I have learned from Ash so far.


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          Ash needs to slow down. Analyze before going into situations. Not saying Ash's initial ideas can't be towards trusting people but Ash needs to slow down and approach things with more caution. Ash is rash and hard headed but if Ash took a second to evaluate situations Ash would do much better.

          I think Ash just needs to slow down , re-evaluate, and needs to listen more to others.


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            Do not stop being a kind soul that we love so much, or all your efforts will not be worth it.
            Love is my strength


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              Congratulations to this week's winner South!!! I will be PMing you with details on how to redeem your time crystals. Everyone, excellent theories this week!!! I wish we could only tell Ash our hopes and advice for him, but until then, let's think about some more of Alyncia! I can't wait to see your theories next week!!!