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Weekly Question: Who created The Door?

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  • Weekly Question: Who created The Door?

    Throughout all of Timecrest 2, we are given cryptic messages, horrifying dreams, and crazy experiences from the mysterious door. But who created this door, and why? According to Ash, the poem regarding The Good Man was a cautionary tale to letting evil into your homes and your lives. However we can see some overlap between the actual door, the poem, and Ash's dreams. This raises a very important question. If the poem was indeed written about the door, then what evil is behind it? Why is it sealed, and who sealed it? And why does Ezra have such a reaction when you tell him about it? So many questions, but I want to hear your theories regarding the door. As with every weekly question, the best theory gets 300 Time Crystals!!! Enjoy!

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    When you reach The Door at the end of Timecrest 2, Ignis will burn the pocket watch, which will interfere with the connection between you and Ash, during this moment, Chronos will appear and ask you a simple question "Do you trust me?" The player is given a simple choice between "Yes" or "No"
    If you choose yes, then you're given some flashbacks about Ash and his childhood, then you find Ash's parents (who we assume to be dead) behind the door, you are then given an option to open it or not.
    However, if you say no, then either A.C or Riley will show up behind it.

    During the game, we talk about resurrection magic a fair amount, Ignis used it, there was that old king who tried using resurrection magic to bring back his daughter and Ash even talks about how our power is like resurrection magic. Maybe the person behind The Door found some way to use resurrection magic to keep coming back, to escape from the realm of the dead. It would've been a challenge for Ezra to keep dealing with him then, so maybe he was the one who created The Door, to stop this foe from coming out again, and to prevent others from doing the same.


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      Congratulations to this week's winner JohnnyValdezi! I will be PMing you with instructions on how to receive your time crystals. I hope to see you back next week with other members of our wonderful community!!!


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        congrats Johnny. I couldn't come up with any theory on this one. Every time I tried I disproved my own thinking or left too many holes lol. Good job on this one.


        • JohnnyValdezi
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          Haha. That theory was my third attempt at it, the first one was horrendous and the second one didn't make sense. This one was indeed a hard one.