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Weekly Question: Why did Ezra disappear for 1000 years?

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  • Ben
    Congratulations to this week's winner JohnnyValdezi! I will PM you with instructions on how to retrieve your Time Crystals. Thanks to everyone who participated this week and I can't wait to see your theories next week! Thanks everyone!

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  • Sashimioishi
    Did Ezra really disappear for 1000 years? I think Ezra after bringing magic to Alyncia didn't necessarily disappear. I think he acclimated into society quietly keeping watch over the rules and watched for exceptions after his rule in Valdor. When Luthor came along we see Ezra resurfaces. He was to me clearly watching things as when he discovers Luthor's plans he steps in to stop it. Also would like to mention Ezra had no interest in Ignus' dark arts. Something Luthor did took things out of balance. Which I think Ezra was always watching for.

    I think Ezra was always there but to Alyncia he vanished. What I think is he was just unrecognizable.

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  • Ragnarok
    We knew fact from spells info:
    Levitas Magnus is so hard to obtain and we need to enter trance up to seven days, but few great mages can put another mages to high level trance so the weaker mages can obtain the spells without hard work, and Ezra is one of the great mages. That makes weaker mages ask him to help them enter the trances. I think this is why Ezra disappeared, imagine you must see few weak mages ask your help, it will be annoying and maybe tiring. Ezra maybe tired of weak mages begging him for spells.

    And I think Ezra only want to trach strong mages. When he killed Riley, he said he want to talk to The strong Ash on the mountain who kept crawling to reach the chronogem. He also teached Ash after Ash kept trying to reach him even he refused Ash and make Ash bleed.

    Here is the info of Levitas Magnus Force Pulse:
    A high level wind spell that sends a pulse of compressed gravity at approximately 900 meters per second making this spell incredibly hard to dodge even for the fastest of targets. Requires no cast time. True Levitas Magnus must be achieved in order to obtain this spell as well as the ability to enter high-level trance lasting up to seven days. Years of study are required to achieve this ability and success is not guaranteed. Although, there are a few mages powerful enough to put others under high level trances which allows a shortcut for mages to obtain high level spells without the hard work. First Mage Ezra is one of the few known mages who can do this and, needless to say, many sought him for this ability.
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  • JohnnyValdezi
    We all know Ezra doesn't exactly like to help people, as proved in Chapter 3, where Ezra seems reluctant to help Ash, by leaving him bleeding on that road as long as possible before eventually helping him, and even during the training, he was reluctant, but I think he disappeared for a different reason entirely however.
    I think Ezra's disappearance might've been related to the fight between Chronos and Ezra, which as we know, ended with Ezra summoning the meteors, and Chronos freezing them and Ezra atop Mount Asura.

    Edit: Now that I realised that the question is about why Ezra disappeared for 1000 years, I just found that the theory I made has a MASSIVE hole in it now.

    So I am making a new one.

    It could be what Ragnarok said, about Ezra being tired of weaker mages constantly asking for training from him, because if you talk to him in Chapter 3, you find out that he's self taught, so he finds it annoying how people can't just teach themselves like he did, causing him to disappear, but I doubt it to be more than that. Ezra doesn't do anything without a proper reason, he would deal with it.

    There might have been some weird incident either in Alyncia or in our world, that he left to investigate, and it might have kept him occupied all those years, only coming back near Valdor's destruction. The answer to this question might be in the memory oracles (Which I seem to be getting a little lucky with lately.) so we might find it out eventually, or even never.
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  • Weekly Question: Why did Ezra disappear for 1000 years?

    First Mage Ezra brought magic to Alyncia 1,000 years ago. But then he disappeared for 1,000 years, until Ash ran into him in Chapter 3 as the mysterious Dragon Rider. Why did Ezra disappear? As with every weekly question, the best theory gets 300 Time Crystals! I can't wait to see your theories on this! Enjoy!
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