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Weekly Question: Why did Elise, who was a Gold, join the Copper trials?

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  • Weekly Question: Why did Elise, who was a Gold, join the Copper trials?

    "The head guildmaster said, 'Elise, you shouldn’t have interfered with the Copper Trials when you’re already Gold. For that you are demoted to Silver.'" Elise entered into the basilisk breeding den with the rest of the coppers, possibly with a team, but maybe without, and posed as a copper and became a member of Team 13. But why would Elise even bother going into these trials, when it was unnecessary and just caused interference? As with every weekly question, the best theory gets 300 Time Crystals! Enjoy, and I can't wait to see your thoughts!

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    Elise said she didn't care about the rank. Besides, she got adopted by Union Merchant Master. The Union Merchant is the central of the merchants in Alyncia. She won't care about gold that she got from guild if her step mother has many golds, or will she?


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      One of the first things we learn about Elise is she likes death. Groups of mages in a place as dangerous as Tremble Caves? I'd try to get in if I liked death too. She might've joined Team 13 for a few reasons, one reason might be because of A.C, another might be because she might see one of them die. There's also what Ragnarok said, about Elise not caring for titles.
      There are a few things I can't figure out though.


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        Elise knew that there would be basilisks that would die. She probably wanted to go and collect vials.

        Second she probably also knew AC was going into the trials. There seems to be some connection that put those two in each other's paths. I have a feeling she was observing him to find more information.


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          Congratulations to Sashimioishi for his great theory this week! I will be PMing you for instructions on how to receive your time crystals! Everyone else, great theories, and I can't wait to see your theories next week!