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Weekly Question: Who invented the Dispel Ring?

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  • Weekly Question: Who invented the Dispel Ring?

    "Is it real or is it a dream? This silver ring, simple and elegant, will help decipher what is real from what is an illusion. The origin of the Dispel Ring is unknown. When asked, the Alyncian Merchants won't utter a peep on who made them. The best guess floating around is that these rings are made by someone who doesn't like being tricked." But who? Who in the realm of Timecrest have invented these mysterious rings? And why do the merchants keep silent about it? The best theory gets 300 Time Crystals at the end of the week, so without further ado, fire away!!!

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    I suspect Portia created Dispel Rings to keep an eye on Petora. We know that Petora is a Master of Illusions, and we know that she and Portia do not get along well. I suspect Portia was badly tricked or hurt by Petora and never could forgive her for that. Portia is also a very controlling type, and she would want to know how her environment was being modified, including illusions, so the Dispel Ring would be the best way to discreetly--perhaps not?--keep an eye on things.


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      Dang. I think you won already. You have someone who would need it, you have a reason why they need it and it seems more solid than anything I can think of.

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    I also think that Dianna won already, but I'll say what I think anyway. I think Petora created the ring because she is the master of illusions, and since masters must be the best with power they have, it doesn't make sense if the guildmaster didn't know how to counter other illusions. In that case, she wouldn't be the best, but someone, which cannot be countered by her, would be the master.


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      That is certainly one way to view it. Remember, too that at one point Elise says to Petora, "You still can't control it can you?" which really upsets Petora. Hmmmm.


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        There are two specific inventors mentioned

        Luthor and the Timecrest merchant

        of these two though there are no real clues as to who would have made them.

        My first theory.

        Luthor made the ring for young Petora. I think that the flower girl that Ash meets is young Petora. We know that later Petora and Chronos seem to have some sort of relationship beyond a friendship. Petora seems to have some issue controlling her magic as mentioned by Elise. I think Luthor may have created the dispel ring to help young Petora tell reality from illusion when she wasn't able to control her magic.

        My second theory

        I think also the Timecrest merchant may have made them. He seems to have some knowledge of magic items being able to create the TOD Generator. He may have seen the necessity and created the ring. Perhaps Petora or other illusion mages tricked him constantly with Riley illusions simply to get a good laugh. In his frustrations he created the ring so that he would no longer be broken-hearted by the Riley illusions. He seems to be the one merchant that can get them into stock somehow perhaps because he makes them on demand. Or as Dianna said perhaps Portia paid him to make them for keeping a young Petora in line.

        so there are my theories.


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          My theory is that portia made them. My reason for saying this is that when you talk to the Timecrest Merchant he mentions that dispell rings are in stock. Then he says in several diffrent quotes that Petora's gotten into another fight with his boss. We find out later that she only makes them when she's upset with Petora. We find out the trial funeral that Portia is his boss. Therefore, Portia at least made up the idea The merchant may help in the manufacture, but I don't think so, because they only seem to be in stock when she's visiting. Plus, if the merchant knew how to make them, he'd make more of them. They do make quite a proffit.


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            Thanks for participating in this extended forum contest! There have been some really great entries this week, but after very careful consideration, the winner is DiannaMuircast! This again was very close, and as always, thank you for participating! And because it was so close between these two, danubus will be receiving 100 Time Crystals for being our close runner up!!! Thanks again everyone, and I will PM our two prize winners with instructions for how to receive your prizes!


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              The next forum question will be posted Monday. Enjoy your holiday everyone!!!