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Announcement: New forum mod, Ben!

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  • Announcement: New forum mod, Ben!

    We're happy to announce that Ben is our first forum moderator!

    Ben has been one of the most engaged members of our community, and in some ways may even know Timecrest better than us, having played through the game over 100 times!

    He'll be working to make the forums a fun and exciting place to post about Timecrest.

    Please join me in (re-)welcoming Ben!

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    Thanks Cowbunny! Really looking forward to it! And I am really looking forward to helping the Timecrest community (you guys!) and am looking forward to hearing the great perspectives, thoughts, and everything else about Timecrest through all of your eyes really soon! Thanks for having me aboard!


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      Congrats Ben. It has been fun theorizing now we can take it to whole new level haha.


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        Thank you so much Sashimioishi! I am really looking forward to it too and I am touched that you are having so much fun too! Feel free to PM me if you have any ideas and I would be happy to try to help bring it to life!