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Announcement: Timecrest 2.4.9 Patch Notes

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  • Announcement: Timecrest 2.4.9 Patch Notes

    Timecrest 2.4.9

    Fixed a bug with support requests.

    Spelling and Grammar Fixes:
    Chapter 1 (Thanks Joel Goguen)
    Chapter 9 (Thanks Wesley, Paul Martin, YearlyAquariAce, @zabbs_, Josh Hebert)
    Chapter 10 (Thanks Wesley)

    Timecrest 2.4.2

    Fixed a bug with Teleport Orbs and the merchant in the early chapters. (Thanks Justin Ekis!)

    Spelling and Grammar Fixes
    Chapter 6 (Thanks @AllharlowsEve!)
    Chapter 9 (Thanks Justin Ekis!)

    Timecrest 2.4.1

    Fixed a bug where language filter didn't work with VoiceOver.
    Added several words to the language filter. (Thanks Josh Hebert!)
    Fixed a minor inconsistency in one path where you don’t learn Adam’s name during the copper trials. (Thanks Justin Ekis!)

    Spelling and Grammar Fixes
    Chapter 4 (Thanks Melody!)
    Chapter 8 (Thanks @GeraceTerri!)
    Chapter 9 (Thanks Wesley, Joel Goguen!)
    Chapter 10 (Thanks Wesley!)

    Timecrest 2.4

    Code changes and bug fixes to support iOS 10/watchOS 3 and updated to Swift 3!
    Now supporting the Watch App complications gallery!
    Did a pass to lower many timers in the early chapters to make them feel more realistic & immersive.
    Added an option to filter objectionable language in the settings menu. (Thanks Wesley)

    Fixed a bug where Dragonberry Elixir sometimes applied to the wrong timer. (Thanks Wesley)
    Fixed a bug with the Pure White Flower in Chapter 2 sometimes not showing up, and sometimes showing up when you didn’t have it.
    Fixed a bug where sometimes random numbers would appear on apple watch hud during loading.
    Fixed a bug where sometimes the text wouldn’t immediately switch when turning pronunciation mode on and off. (Thanks @DiannaMuircast)
    Fixed a bug where settings sometimes appear incorrectly set when accessing from the Message tab.
    Fixed a bug in Chapter 8 where you weren’t charged a teleport orb. (Thanks Anson)
    Fixed a few bugs in History. (Thanks Paul Martin, @DiannaMuircast)
    Fixed the description of Levitas. (Thanks Paul Martin)

    Fixed a continuity error by requiring you to visit Aurumhalla before you can visit Blood Moon Haven. (Thanks Reman and Josh Hebert)

    Special thanks to Wesley who has sent in numerous fixes!

    Chapter 2 (Thanks Toby, Melody)
    Chapter 8 (Thanks Joel Goguen, Wesley, @GeraceTerri)
    Chapter 9 (Thanks Melody, Wesley)
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