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Announcement: Timecrest 2.3.3 Patch Notes

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  • Announcement: Timecrest 2.3.3 Patch Notes

    Timecrest 2.3.3

    We've fixed numerous spelling and grammar issues.

    In addition to the ones we’ve found, we're fixing the many found by our excellent community. Thanks for bringing them to our attention.

    Chapter 2 - Thanks Heather Jordan!
    Chapter 3 - Thanks Melody, Josh Hebert!
    Chapter 4 - Thanks Melody!
    Chapter 5 - Thanks Melody, Josh Hebert!
    Chapter 6 - Thanks Wesley!
    Chapter 7 - Thanks Wesley!
    Chapter 8 - Thanks Joel Goguen, Melody, @GeraceTerri!
    Chapter 9 - Thanks Toraken, Wesley!
    Chapter 10 - Thanks Wesley!


    Timecrest 2.3.2

    Fixed the spelling of "pale-ish" in the accessibility text. (Thanks @DiannaMiurcast)
    Fixed a grammar error in Chapter 9 (Thanks Melody)
    Fixed a bug in Chapter 2 where Ash would talk about Levitas when actually having Gravitas (Thanks Justin Ekis)
    Fixed a repeated line in Chapter 3 (Thanks Justin Ekis)
    Fixed a bug where sometimes you’d get charged an extra teleport orb in Chapter 2 (Thanks Brittney)

    Reduced the verbosity of some of the requirement accessibility text.


    Timecrest 2.3.1

    - Some people found the messaging sound volume too loud in VoiceOver, so we’re adding an option in the settings menu to allow you to adjust the volume. The default volume is now 50%.

    - Fixed some text where in Chapter 8, Riley referred to a conversation in Chapter 6, even if you took too long and missed her. (Thanks Patrick Kelly)
    - Fixed some text in Chapter 8 which referred to uprooted trees even if you didn’t visit the apple courtyard earlier. (Thanks Melody)


    Timecrest 2.3

    We're back with a massive update, bringing Timecrest to over 200,000 words. We've rewritten Chapter 1 & 2, adding 30,000 words, and dramatically improved VoiceOver support for our blind and low-vision users.

    We've completely rewritten Chapter 1 & 2 from the ground up. Writing Timecrest 2, we learned so many things about writing interactive fiction, and wanted to bring this high quality to the beginning of our story. This should still feel like the same Chapter 1 & 2 you've played before, but with more conflict, drama, faster pacing and choices that change the story a lot more. The new version adds 30,000 words.

    You will see it the next time you play again from the beginning. If you are currently in the old Chapter 1 & 2, you will continue to play the old chapters, and will only see it on your next playthrough.

    We have turned on the screen curtain and played through our whole game with VoiceOver on, redoing and reworking most of the features in our game to better work with VoiceOver. THANKS TO APPLEVIS.COM USERS FOR ALL OF THE FEEDBACK!

    - Better accessibility labels across all UI. We've added and rewritten many labels, and even reworked UI to make it more accessible.
    - Message sound effects. Indicates when a new message is delivered, when all messages have been delivered, when your VoiceOver cursor is over the last received message but more are incoming, and so on.
    - Pronunciation mode. When pronunciation mode is enabled, the spellings of text will be changed to improve VoiceOver's pronunciation. Disable it if you prefer to learn the correct spellings of words or if you are using a Braille display.
    - Text indicators. For UI that previously relied on visual indicators, such as the red handwritten text at the beginning of Chapter 6, and specially indicating which messages are System Messages, or even the green "Turn back time" button, descriptive text was added.
    - Descriptive help. For each of the main tabs, there is a button in the top left corner of the screen that can provide help text describing how each feature works from the perspective of a VoiceOver user.
    - Improved pouch and merchant. You can now tap to get the description of an item, and magic tap to use it.
    - VoiceOver specific settings menu. Where you can adjust the music volume, enable or disable Pronunciation Mode, and turn on or off the VoiceOver messaging sounds.
    - Descriptive map & characters. We have made all of the maps accessible, adding detailed descriptions of what Ash has drawn for you as you run your finger across the map. In the Relationship tab, we've written out accessible descriptions of the images of the characters, so you can know what is in the pictures of them.

    - We've done a pass to make our UI and dialogs look more Timecrest-y and less ug-ly.
    - We've added a Settings bookmark button to the message tab, so it's a bit easier and faster to access this dialog.

    - We now allow other music sources in background. (Thanks Dustin Perez)
    - Fixed an issue where an option became text in Chapter 9. (Thanks Jess Dempsey)
    - Fixed Ash from repeating the same line about the gardens twice (Thanks Joshua Hebert)
    - Fixed various spelling and grammar issues (Thanks Sashimioishi)
    - Fixed a path in Chapter 10 where a character is said to be dead, even if your decisions in Chapter 4 cause that character to live. (Thanks Justin Ekis)
    - Added an option to disable sounds in the settings menu (Thanks Joel Goguen)
    - Fixed an issue where you could sometimes get stuck on Aion in chapter 9 (Thanks G.R.)
    - Fixed a multitude of watch syncing issues and text issues. (Thanks Ben Rose)

    - With this release, we're granting a Player Appreciation Award to @DiannaMuircast, who has gone above and beyond on her engagement with Timecrest, bringing many new wonderful people into our game. A.C. has forged "The Mighty Bat", an exclusive item and an exclusive new scene accessible just for her.
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    Here's a screenshot teasing how the new Chapter 1 gets into the action almost as soon as you connect with Ash.

    Here's a transcript for those unable to view the image:

    Holy muffie!

    It's gone!

    The apple tree just disintegrated!

    I see a hooded man!

    He's looking at the apple and scratching his hood. I can't make out his face...

    Did he do that?!

    Kill that poor tree?

    Uh-oh... The hooded man is looking in my direction.

    I'm backing away from him.

    I guess it isn't the best time to tell you... but this spell I used to connect to you...

    It's forbidden in my world. We aren't supposed to connect to your world.

    I thought you should know in case this hooded guy is here for that. Though... why did he disintegrate a tree?

    I know I broke the law, but I don't I get a trial or something? Is he just going to kill me for my transgressions?


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      This looks so amazing!!! I am so excited about this new addition to Timecrest!!!


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        Dude this makes the wait for timecrest 3 bearable cause it'll hopefully keep me entertained until then!!!
        ~MC Melody!!!


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          Timecrest 2.3 is out! Update today!


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            Nice now I have to go and restart all over again


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              Great update! Loving the new re-written chapters.


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                Just restarted Timecrest. Current impression from the prologue: THIS IS AWESOME!!! Great job, you two!!!