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Announcement: Timecrest 2.2.2 Patch Notes

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  • Announcement: Timecrest 2.2.2 Patch Notes

    Thanks Ben for helping us figure out the music player bug where unlocked songs would get locked again. The update should be available today.

    Timecrest 2.2.2

    Fixed a bug with the music player where it would show the wrong song was playing.

    Fixed a bug where you would sometimes lose the unlock of your music player songs. If this happened to you, updating should get the songs back.

    Updated the Time Crystal dialog for a cleaner, more modern look.

    Greatly improved VoiceOver for the Time Crystal dialog.

    Timecrest 2.2


    We've added an often requested feature where you can unlock and play the different songs in the soundtrack. The music player can be accessed through the little bookmark button at the top of the "Message" tab, beside the history button.


    Thank you to user Brad, who brought to our attention some of the problems in Timecrest for VoiceOver users. This update contains some quick improvements to reduce some of the major pain points on iOS, and we have more improvements planned for our blind and low-vision users in upcoming updates.

    Here is what we've changed:
    - Improved the descriptions of many buttons and labels in the UI, adding accessibility labels and accessibility hints.
    - Fixed bugs where timers would be read incorrectly. For example, "3 minutes 4 seconds" will now be correctly read, where before VoiceOver would say "3 meters fours".
    - Fixed an issue where VoiceOver would confusingly read inaccessible text behind dialogs.
    - If VoiceOver is enabled, the music volume is reduced by 75% so that VoiceOver is easier to hear.
    - Added a sound effect indicating when a new message has been received, so you don't have to keep swiping back and forth to check if Ash has said something new.Thanks
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    Yay! The music in Timecrest is one of my favorite parts! It is going to be an awesome enhancement to the app!


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      The update is out! Get it now.


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        Nice Thanks Cowbunny