Ash, in dramatic danger, left us all biting our nails in a quite the cliffhanger. All this time, Ash has been working hard to try reconnect with you once more... if only the paleish blue light would return!

If you have completed Timecrest 1: Fated Connections, you will be able to play Timecrest 2: The Door. Simply go to the main menu and select "Play Timecrest 2" to continue from one of your completed Timecrest 1 games.
  • Five times more content, bringing the story to over 170,000 words.
  • Immersive music. We’ve integrated 14 songs that add incredible immersion to each scene.
  • Map system. To further give players choice, we’ve added non-linear maps where players can explore the world at their own pace.
  • Aura system. We’ve added a damage/healing system so you can assist Ash at critical moments.
  • Relationship system. You'll make many new friends in Timecrest 2. If you take the time to get to know and connect with them, you may be able to unlock special scenes and learn new secrets.
  • Change the world. We've pushed even harder to make every decision give you a different path, story or information. Multiple paths and endings make every play-through a completely different experience.
Bug fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed several bugs around updating Apple Watch Complications, especially when playing from your iPhone.
  • Added convenient navigation controls to the History view, so you can jump directly to the chapter you want to read.
  • In the Message view, if you scroll up while Ash is writing a message, it won't interrupt your reading by scrolling to the bottom again. Instead, an arrow will appear indicating there is a new message. You can tap on the arrow to jump back to the bottom.
  • Improved Apple Watch loading performance. We've greatly improved the speed it takes to load your data on the Apple Watch, helping with some of the lags when starting up.