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A major update with new soundtrack coming

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  • A major update with new soundtrack coming

    We're pleased to announce Timecrest 2.9, a major update with a completely new soundtrack in collaboration with
    Dibur Music and a beautiful UI redesign! Check out the announcement here and let us know what you think in the comments below!
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    Greetings. My first time writing on this forum, I've been mainly a lurker but I've been around since the release of Timecrest 2 or thereabouts. I fell in love with this game at first sight so naturally I'm very excited about this update and all the new features that are going to be introduced, especially the inbox and the new soundtrack. Of course I don't think I will ever be able to outgrow the original but a change never hurts. I'm particularly interested in listening to the team 13 character themes, as its members are just so wonderful, each in their own way. It will be exciting to see how the composer conveys their character traits and tells their story through music. Congratulations to both Sneaky Crab and the composer for bringing this major update to us. Keep up the excellent work.


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      It's me again. I just checked out the YouTube video you put out concerning this update and I think I noticed a minor mistake in the text description you guys were awesome enough to provide. More specifically, at the point of the video where you demonstrate the difference between light/dark mode, it says "Two screens are shown, the left one is dark mode, the right one is dark mode. They show the same part:". Unless the screens are completely identical, which would ruin the whole point of this demonstration, it should say that one is light and the other one is dark. Not a major deal but it can be confusing. Thanks.


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        Kaparotsyni , thank you for the kind words and we're excited that very soon you will be able to experience the update! Your feedback motivates us to continue to work on Timecrest.

        Thanks for noticing the text error with dark mode repeated twice. We've fixed it! Hope that makes more sense now.

        Thank you for playing Timecrest!


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          Does anywhere sell the old soundtrack? I actually like some of the music on it and would like to have it as standard MP3 music.


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            Electronmage, we've put together the following link that has more information on where to get the old soundtrack: