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Announcement: Timecrest 1.6.1 Patch Notes

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  • Announcement: Timecrest 1.6.1 Patch Notes

    This update should be released later tonight. We're posting the patch notes early for you now!

    CHAPTER 4 HD - Another update, another 2,000 words added to Timecrest's evolving storyline. Get to know Ash's folks a little better. What's happening with Petora and the hooded man? And what is the meaning of the new, mysterious dream that Ash has?

    TIMECREST CONTESTS - Continue your adventure by contributing to our forums and winning Time Crystals!

    BUG FIXES - Fixed a bug where the pouch would sometimes show the wrong item description.

    Here's a sneak peak of some of the new story added for Ash's folks.

  • #2
    Mysterious dream? I can't wait to see what this is. Guess I need to play through again...


    • #3
      Woot, I thought they might do something like this so I stopped at the end of Chapter 3 during my replay.


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        Petora-chan Smart idea.
        I actually haven't replayed, yet. Still milking for coins.