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Announcement: Timecrest 1.6 Patch Notes

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  • Announcement: Timecrest 1.6 Patch Notes

    We'll be releasing Timecrest 1.6 in about a week, and wanted to release the patch notes and tease a little bit of the changes.

    You haven't heard from us for a while because we've been hard at work on Timecrest: The Door, which will be released as a free update to Timecrest this spring! In the meantime, we've got some updates for you while you wait:

    CHAPTER 3 HD - We've done our continued HD improvements to Timecrest, and added thousands of words to Chapter 3. Discover in further detail the encounter with the mysterious dragon rider, and a confrontation with a powerful teenage boy in Valdor.
    TIMECREST CONTESTS - Our forum contests continue. Visit the Timecrest Forums for our weekly chances to win free Time Crystals!
    BUG FIXES GALORE - We've done our usual pass to fix bugs and make performance improvements.

    We're so excited to be on the cusp of Timecrest: The Door. Some chapters of the update have more words than all of Timecrest 1! We can't wait to show you what's next.
    As with our previous HD updates to chapter 1 and 2, we didn't change the plot or the main story, but worked to add detail and descriptions to make Ash's journey really come to life.

    Here's a screenshot teasing some of the text updates to Chapter 3. SPOILERS FOR THE ENDING OF CHAPTER 3!

    Click image for larger version

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    I don't normally squeal, but I squealed at this! A new update! Keep these coming, especially the Timecrest 2 one. ^-^

    I'll give Chapter 3 another playthrough as I want to learn more about Ezra and Chronos.


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      Won't we all? I'm much looking forward this. I was around for Chapter 2's update, but I hadn't realized it. I'll actively look for the changes, this time.


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        This has been released on the app store! Please enjoy and tell us what you think of the updated Chapter 3!


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          Yay! Downloaded!


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            I noticed when I had Gravitas, Chronos uses Gravitas Ultimus. And when Ash casted Gravitas Magnus, Chronos countered with Levitas Magnus. What a showoff that Chronos is. :P

            Anyone develop any new theories on Chronos from the extra scenes?
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